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Social issues and deprivation

Indices of deprivation

The Indices of Deprivation 2010 is the collective name for a group of 10 indices which all measure different aspects of deprivation. The most widely used of these is the Index of Multiple Deprivation which is a combination of a number of the other indices to give an overall score for the relative level of multiple deprivation experienced in every neighbourhood in England.

In total 38 separate indicators, which are grouped into seven domains each of which reflects a different aspect of deprivation, are used to produce an overall Index of Multiple Deprivation score for each small area in England. The domains used in the Index of Multiple Deprivation 2010 are income, employment, health, education, crime, access to services and living environment. Each of these domains has their own scores and ranks allowing users to focus on specific aspects of deprivation.

Index of Deprivation 2010 Report image - PDF icon (1.63MB - pdf help)

Further information about the indicies can be found on the CLG website.  For further information about Super Output Areas please look at the Office for National Statistics website.