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Shaw Health (Group) Ltd

More about Shaw

The company selected as preferred bidder by Devon County Council for transfer of its Residential Care Homes and Personal Care Services is:

Shaw Healthcare (Group) Ltd has an excellent track record of managing social care services across the country. It is recognised as providing a high level of care for the many people who use its services and has a reputation for being a good employer.

The organisation specialises in providing community based services such as “Extra Care” housing, domiciliary care and residential and nursing provision for people with more specialist needs.

Shaw is an expanding limited company.  It was established in 1986 and now has 80 homes, 2,600 beds and 3,500 staff across the country. 90% of its business is with public sector long term care contracts.  Shaw specialises in a broad spectrum of care solutions:

  • Frail Older people with physical disabilities
  • Older people with dementia
  • Intermediate care
  • Domiciliary care at home
  • Extra care
  • Younger people with mental or physical disabilities
  • People with learning disabilities including challenging behaviour
  • Acquired brain injuries
  • Day care, Palliative care, Respite care
  • Minor Injuries, GP surgeries and NHS outpatients facilities

Experience of transferring services

Over the last 10 years Shaw has been involved in some 15 successful transfers of Local Authority Homes and Primary Care Trust (PCT) services in similar shire counties including in the past 18 months major transfers in West Sussex, Northamptonshire and Herefordshire.  They undertake full consultation with residents, staff and stakeholders and honour TUPE terms and conditions.

The group bases its success on a robust philosophy

  • It employs staff of the highest calibre
  • It maintains the dignity and privacy of the individual
  • Provides Person-Centred care
  • Aspires to exceed regulated national minimum standards
  • Has a continuous programme of developing and training its staff
  • Constantly monitors and reviews care practices.

Shaw’s vision for

Training and Development

Shaw’s training department delivers a learning programme for all its’ staff

Who are Shaw?

Shaw Healthcare (Group) Limited is a private limited company registered at Companies House No. 5391089. 30% of the shares of this company are owned by Shaw Healthcare (Homes) Limited, an exempt charity. 70% of the shares of this company are owned by existing staff or held in an Employee Benefit Trust for issue to existing and future staff.

Shaw Healthcare (Homes) Limited is.a friendly society registered with the Financial Services Authority Reg No 25164R. It is also an exempt charity, which is approved by the Inland Revenue as having charitable status, although it is not registered with the Charity Commission. Any profits generated by this exempt charity in the course of its business cannot be distributed to shareholders, but must be reinvested in the business in the furtherance of its charitable objectives.

It owns 30% of the shares of Shaw Healthcare (Group) Limited and was originally the parent body of the Shaw organisation before it sold the business to Shaw healthcare (Group) in October 2006.