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Search Help

Have you ever been frustrated by not being able to find relevant county council information quickly and easily ?

We have a new approach to making web content more findable - adding subject category labels to pages and documents and applying a range of features to make the search process more user friendly and efficient. The tips and guidance below will help you use these features effectively and save you time during the working day.

Search hints and tips

  • You won't have to know the vocabulary of the content or advanced searching to find what you are looking for
  • Use your own free text words, the more precise you are, the greater your chances of success.
  • If you make a spelling mistake, you will be offered a corrected alternative with a "Did You Mean" feature
  • Subject categories will be presented to you  making it easy to focus your search.

Standard search

  • The search box on the right side of each page is a basic Source search.
  • The default search is the source, tick the box to include the public website
  • To search, enter one or more words into the box and click the "Search" button.
  • There is no need to use words such as the, and, or, if etc.
  • The search will find web pages and documents containing as many of the words as possible.
  • If you want to search for an exact phrase go to the advanced search.
  • Example :searching for career planning finds pages containing the word career and pages containing the word planning which will provide lots of results.
  • Searching for "career planning" finds pages containing the phrase “career planning” which will be more relevant.
  • Search will find variations of words including plurals.
  • Example : searching for manage will find manager and management.
  • The word(s) used for searching will be highlighted in the results.

Search Results

  • At the top of search results pages you will see a set of categories that match your search.
  • Choose the most relevant one and click on it. The search will then run on that term.OR
  • You can open the initial set of results.
  • Search results are displayed in order of relevance, with web pages coming before documents such as PDF’s.
  • Results are displayed ten to a page. Click on a page number, "previous" or "next" links to move between pages.
  • Each search result will contain the title, the matching words and type of content. plus some descriptive text
  • To view a page or document, click on the title or the url.
  • You will also see a symbol indicating the document type, see key above.

Search options

What are you looking for ?

If you are still getting large numbers of search results, or you are not finding the page you want easily there are more ways to refine your search. You can combine or exclude words and terms to focus the results.

Enter your search term(s) using one or more of the four fields:

  • "Contains all the words"- content containing ALL the words will be returned
  • "Contains any of the words" - content containing ANY of the words will be returned
  • "Contains the exact phrase"- content containing the WORDS IN THE ORDER AND PROXIMITY entered will return
  • "Does not contain the words" - content that does not contain  the words

Note : the latter can only be used with the "all"or "any" fields.  All the words and exact phrase fields can be combined.

  • You can exclude words from your search by entering them in the "Does not contain..." box.
  • Example if you enter dog in one of the first three boxes and warden in "Does not contain...", your search will find documents about dogs but not about dog wardens.