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SIMS/FMS Menu Page

Information on SIMS Examinations



Results Day Survival Kit

Find the latest version here.

You can also access the latest information on QRS Exams Organiser entering non-EDI Data from our FAQ KB9815.


At least every term Scomis provide a newsletter to all Exam Officers, covering any changes, routines and tips for the examinations work within that term.  If you wish to receive this email directly, please contact the Scomis Helpdesk and ask for your email address to be added to the Exam Officers distribution list.  Alternatively, you can access the latest newsletter(s) below.

Current Newsletter

You can access previous newsletters via our Exam Newsletters Achive.

Exam Officers Network Meeting July 2013

Please select our FAQ KB9806 to see the powerpoint slides from the above meeting.  These show the following:

Powerpoint slides - Part 1 : Demonstrating the process for downloading the latest files and importing them into SIMS

Powerpoint slides - Part 2 : Demonstrating the process for linking non-EDI courses within SIMS (courses that have no link to Exams Organiser)

Powerpoint slides - Part 3 : Demonstrating the results function within SIMS

Processing Results and Calculating PI Data in Examinations Organiser

The current advice for Processing Results for this year are accessed via ourr FAQ KB9853.

Latest Information for the Current Year-

Proxy Exam Basedata for Key Skills and Capita advice

Capita provide the SIMS software and as such, provide guidance on using the features and functionality.  Scomis have tailored this information for our schools and our version of these files are listed here for your use.

Capita Advice on Proxy BaseData Summer for the current year can be accessed via our FAQ KB9827

The following proxy basedata is supplied to support Key Skills tests for the current year.

This basedata is provided at version 14 JCQ Formats to support the following:


Please download whichever of these files is appropriate to your Key Skills provision, import them as basedata in the normal way into the Summer/June 2012 season, and use them to create results marksheets for the appropriate groups – most probably Curriculum Years.

No entries or submissions should be attempted.

OCR National Basedata & Results 2013-4.doc

BTEC Results

English & English Literature all taught as English

Uploading/Importing the current QAN Catalogue

Performance Measures File

Attaching QCA Codes

Missing QCA Codes

Special Arrangements

How to Separate Certification Elements into Separate Awards


You may also be interested in these other services that Scomis can offer:

SIMS Remote Upgrade Service

The SIMS Remote Upgrade Service allow Scomis to remote to the schools admin workstation and carry out periodic upgrades to the SIMS system.  This will be done each time Capita release an upgrade.  For information on the SIMS Remote Upgrade Service, click here.

Hosted Applications Service

Previously known as Terminal Server, this is a managed solution that enables schools to host SIMS.net and FMS data with Scomis. Schools get access to SIMS or FMS through a single desktop icon, or can access SIMS .net from home without having to go through complicated configuration or setup.

For information on the Scomis Hosted Applications Service click here.


Still can't find what you are looking for?  Then perhaps you need to speak to the Scomis Consultants or Service Desk.


For the comprehensive answer and hands-on training, please check our training directory and come along to our courses, which enable you to get the most and best out of your SIMS and FMS software.


Scomis provide a consultancy service to support schools to examine their approach to management of ICT information across the school. A consultancy visit can be used to focus on best use of the software currently in use, or to examine current data management processes.  For more information click here.

Log a CallLOG A CALL

Do you have a query that is not answered by this page, the documentation or the FAQs page?  If so, please log a call with the Service Desk:

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