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Scomis Live - ‘The Power of One’

Have you booked your place yet? This FREE, inspiring and motivational one day event is on Wednesday 19th November 2014 and is not to be missed!  To register please click the link above or call us on 01392 385300.

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Considering becoming a new academy?  What Services can Scomis provide to Academies?


Scomis Bulletin


Wednesday 12 November 2014:

SWGfL RM Easymail Issue

UPDATE : Issue Resolved Update from SWGfL: All mail stores are now back online. Re-sync jobs are now progressing so customers may experience a drop in performance over the next couple of days whilst these complete. If you experience extended outages of your emails please call SWGfL on 0845 3077870 Important Update from SWGfL on […]

Tuesday 4 November 2014:

Scomis – Capita SIMS Accreditation Survey 2014

Scomis is an Accredited Support Team for the Capita SIMS software application. Every two years Scomis is re-accredited by Capita to ensure that the services provided continue to be of good quality and meet the needs of schools. As part of the re-accreditation process, Capita are going to ask one person from each school to […]

Saturday 1 November 2014:

School Workforce Census 2014 Bulletin

Please click here for documentation, news and the latest issues for the Annual School Workforce Census Return 2014.


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Scomis Training Directory


Friday 10 October 2014:

FRS Training Workshop

Please see for the latest course date:- Hands on training workshop for Devon schools using your own schools data*   * Terminal server schools only when attending courses at Scomis Training Suite in Exeter

Monday 6 October 2014:

SEN Reporting Course

Please see for the latest course date:- Reporting on SEN This course is aimed at staff members with a responsibility for, or an involvement in, the management of pupils with special educational needs (SEN) and the associated processes that take place. It assumes familiarity with the SEN section of SIMS and an understanding of both the statutory processes related to SEN as […]

FMS End of Year Procedures

Please see for the latest course date:- FMS End Of Year This course will cover the areas of FMS that are needed for the smooth closure of accounts. It is essential before undertaking any year end processes in FMS that you have read and understood all necessary guidance from the local authority. Each school/local authority may have different account policies so no […]


Frequently Asked Questions


Thursday 20 November 2014:

Running reports for a User Defined Group

Before starting the report, make sure you make a note of the Short Name of your User Defined Group as this will be required. After selecting the data fields that you require for your report press Next, this will take you to the Define Filter screen. Click on New, a screen will pop up which [&#8230;]<div class="tptn_counter" id="tptn_counter_13332">(Visited 2 times, 2 visits today)</div>

Wednesday 19 November 2014:

Which permissions are needed to edit User Defined Fields

This is not included in the Class Teacher permissions group but many schools want class teachers to be able to add comments into user defined fields not just view them. The permission required is Student&#62;Basic Details&#62;Edit (All) which is included in the following groups:- Administration Assistant Admission Officer Attendance Manager Partnership Server Manager Returns Manager [&#8230;]<div class="tptn_counter" id="tptn_counter_13329">(Visited 4 times, 4 visits today)</div>

How to restrict access to Sims .net

This will mainly apply to anyone using the scomis hosted applications service who require staff to access linked software such as FMS, DCC Applications, Scamp etc but who do not require access to the Sims .net database. There is a permissions group which gives no access to any of the student or personnel data &#8211; [&#8230;]<div class="tptn_counter" id="tptn_counter_13326">(Visited 5 times, 5 visits today)</div>


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