School Meals

The County Council encourages all children to have a healthy and nutritional meal at lunchtime, as well as a snack during morning break if that is wanted. It has been shown that children who have a nutritionally balanced meal (rather than one that has too much sugar and fat) are better able to concentrate on their lessons. All meals prepared at a maintained school must comply with the governments Food and Nutrient Based Standards. We also encourage children to keep hydrated during the school day as this helps with concentration. Water is the best form of hydration but any drink without additives or added sugar is fine. Parents will need to check with their child's school to see what their rules are for drinking during the school day.

Some children are entitled to a Free School Meal, and where families are receiving appropriate benefits we would encourage all parents to apply for this entitlement and encourage their child to take their free school meal each day. The government is now providing additional funding to schools for each pupil entitled to a free school meal (but does not have to take a meal), or has been entitled to free school meals in the past 6 years, to enable schools to provide these pupils with additional support. For each pupil the government is giving schools £900 a year for this additional support, and it is expected to increase in 2014/15. Parents and schools can find out more information on the Department for Education website. By applying for a free school meal you will be helping your child's school gain additional funding to support their learning even if your child never takes up their entitlement to a school meal.

Read Devon's Parent's Pupil Premium Information leaflet image - PDF icon (86KB - pdf help)

The County Council does not provide school meals as that is now the responsibility of schools and their governors. However, we do provide financial support to schools for every pupil eligible for a free school meal.

Many schools use Devon's Joint Venture Company, Devon Norse to prepare school meals. You can find out more about daily menus on their website or from the termly menus which are sent home to every parent. Devon Norse menus comply with Governments Food and Nutrient Based Standards. Further information can be found at

Some schools operate their own catering service or use other contractors, so it will be necessary to contact your child's school if this is the case to find out about menus.

Please note that school meals can no longer be purchased online. Your school should have made you aware of this and you will need to contact them direct to discuss alternative arrangements. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

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