Restriction of liberty policy

Possible causes and preventive measures concerning presenting behaviour which is difficult to manage

Possible causes:

General preventive measures

These will include:

Warning signs

There are often identifiable, early warning signs prior to an aggressive outburst. It must be stressed that managers and staff should have a good understanding of their residents and therefore the capacity to take effective action before an escalation of dangerous behaviour, that is, to identify the cause or causes of the problem and to resolve it / them. Examples of these indicators include:

Non-physical strategies

It is recognised and accepted that people who display high risk behaviour require skilled and effective management. If there is a risk of physical injury to the individual concerned or others, staff should attempt to control the situation in the least restrictive way possible based on the circumstances pertaining at the time. The use of non-physical strategies to deflect and diffuse the situation should be attempted as a priority whenever possible. These approaches include:

If these strategies are not successful, the minimal level of physical control required might have to be used as a last resort to safeguard the well being of all concerned. The timing of any action will always be a subjective decision; there is a very fine balance between anticipating likely trouble and positively acting or reacting to trouble. Staff need to refer to the Use of Physical Interventions policy for guidance on using physical interventions. The decision to use physical interventions needs to be defensible.