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The Works of Oscar Wilde

Works of Oscar WildeThe Works of Oscar Wilde
Published by Lamb Publishing, New York, 1909

Oscar Wilde is best known for the wit and charm of works such as The Importance of Being Earnest, but his literary talents also extended to many other literary forms. This set of volumes brings together his fiction, poetry and essays as well as his well-known dramatic works. A rare edition, Exeter Library’s set is number 447 of a print run of 1000.

This set was produced as 15 volumes, unfortunately volume 9 is missing from Exeter Library’s Archive, however it’s very handsome binding in fine pressed beige linen with a leather label and gilt titles and borders endures. In order to bring this set back to its original glory it needs the care and attention that adoption can provide.

Funding required for restoration: £375.00 - Adopted in full by the Rackenford Reading Group

The Works of Oscar Wilde   The Works of Oscar Wilde