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The Staten Bible

The Staten BibleThe Staten Bible
Published in 1637

The Statenvertaling (Dutch for ‘states translation’) is the first Bible translation from the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek languages to Dutch. It was first published in 1637, and between then and 1657 over half a million copies were printed. It remained the authoritative translation until well into the 20th Century. A committee decided in 2006 that the translation had so much influence on Dutch culture that it deserved a place among the 50 deciding moments in Dutch history.

The sturdy binding consists of leather and iron, with two substantial clasps on one side. The durability of this book has meant that it has survived relatively intact despite heavy usage over a lot of years. There are a number of leaflets and letters in Dutch inside the front cover of the Bible, one dating from 1875, suggesting that it has been part of a community over many generations. The binding and pages of this valued book are in desperate need of repair with the spine and metal clasps in particular needing a lot of care and restoration. If it is to be viewed and admired over the years to come conservation and restoration through Adoption are essential.

Funding required for restoration: £675.00 - Adopted by Frances Warwick, Paul Rachel and David Guest, Anthony Dent, Adrian Francis, Jill Currie and Richmond Hunt

The Staten Bible    The Staten Bible