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The Infant's Cabinet of Birds

Marshall - The Infant's Cabinet of BirdsThe Infant’s Cabinet of Birds
made and sold by John Marshall, 1800

This beautiful wooden box contains 28 hand-coloured cards designed to teach Victorian children about different species of birds. John Marshall published a series of miniature libraries, games and pictures to complement the educational books used in schools.

The Infant’s Cabinet of Birds is part of The Devon Collection of Children’s Books, a highlight of Exeter Library’s Special Collections Archive with a separate catalogue listing complied by noted children’s historian Marjorie Moon. The Cabinet has been well loved over the years, sustaining damage to the wooden box and the interior lining. Adopting this title will mean that the Cabinet can be repaired and refurbished, ensuring that generations of children in years to come can continue to be enchanted by its charm.

Funding required for restoration: £200.00 - Adopted in full by Jocelyn and Sebastian Clark.

Marshall - The Infant's Cabinet of Birds   Marshall - The Infant's Cabinet of Birds