Abnormal Loads

Abnormal Loads

Hauliers wishing to move loads which are classed as abnormal (for example those with a gross weight exceeding 40 tonnes), must notify the highway and bridge authorities of the routes that they intend to travel, and gain consent before moving. Devon County Council is one such authority, (of many within Devon which includes the Highways Agency and Network Rail).

Each year Devon County Council receives over 2000 notifications, and these loads are carefully routed through the county with the close co-operation of the Police, to ensure that highway structures and the environment are best protected.

All procedures are carried out in accordance with Special Types General Order (STGO) 1978. under section 44(1) of the 1988 Road Traffic Act

Devon County Council requires a minimum of 2 working days notice of movements involving loads up to 80 tonnes and a minimum of 5 working days for loads in excess of 80 tonnes.

Notifications can be made by selecting and completing the online Abnormal Loads Notification Form or in writing to the Abnormal Loads Officer at the contact address below.

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