Civil Parking Enforcement

Traffic Cones

Traffic Cones For Events and Road Closures

Since 1 June 2009, the Police are no longer the suppliers of ‘No Waiting’ Cones for the majority of special events held in Devon. These will now be supplied by Devon County Council.

To formally suspend parking, Devon County Council must issue a temporary traffic regulation order (TTRO).

There may be a fee to process a TTRO and supply No Waiting Cones. This fee will vary depending on the reasons why they are required. For more information, please contact your local Neighbourhood Team on 0845 155 1004 or e-mail

Informal Traffic Cone Requests

Parking teams from your local District Council will provide up to 5 cones for short term informal use to private individuals, or small businesses to help with house/business removals, weddings or funerals. These cones are advisory only, and penalty charge notices cannot be issued to a vehicle choosing to park between them.

Traffic cones must be booked at least 24 hours in advance and will have to be collected by the customer from a local depot. Although the cones will be provided free of charge, a security deposit will be payable on collection, is required for the duration of the loan period. The deposit will be refunded when the cones are returned.