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Skills Check English and Maths

Skills Check English & Maths

Feel Confident with Maths and English
English and Maths skills are not just for school – they are for everyday life.  You may want to improve your skills and confidence because you are starting a new job, doing some training or because you haven’t used certain skills for some time. This webpage tells you how you can boost your skills and confidence in Maths and English.  

A good way to start is to
check the level of your skills.

Where to get Training
Devon Adult and Community Learning (DACL), part of Devon County Council, offers free courses in its centres throughout Devon. Fast-track courses, lasting just a few hours, are available to quickly brush up skills. If more work is needed to improve skills, courses can last a number of weeks. Free training is available in the daytime, in the evening. Before starting a course, a more detailed assessment of your skills will be done to help plan your learning

The Benefits
People with good English and Maths skills:
* have more confidence
* have better job prospects - can more easily adapt to change and work more flexibly
* find it easier to manage money
* find it easier to help their children with school work.

Organisational Benefits
Improving workforce English and Maths is part of Investors in People (IiP). The benefits include improved performance, greater efficiency and better service delivery.

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Do it Online

Skills Check - English & Maths

Find out what level your skills are currently at. It takes just a few minutes and you will receive feedback immediately.

If you would like an informal discussion or are having problems finding suitable training or have dyslexia or another learning difficulty please contact one of our Learning Support Co-ordinators via your local centre.

All discussions will be kept confidential

How to Practise your Skills.
The internet has a number of websites that offer practise tests, quizzes and games. Find out more image - PDF icon (22KB - pdf help)

Course Finder
Find out what courses are available in your area through Devon Adult and Community Learning

Course finder

Other Websites
Qualification Levels
What do the different levels mean?

The BBC has a number of sites that support people in brushing up their skills

National Tests
You can gain a Nationally recognised qualification