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Honiton, Sutton Barton

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Vehicle and Site User Restrictions

Opening days:

Open all year round (except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day)

 Summer (Apr - Sep)    Winter (Oct - Mar)    
Monday - Friday9:00am - 5:00pm9:00am - 4:30pm
Saturday and Sunday10:00am - 6:00pm10:00am - 4:30pm

Waste loading/skip changes may result in this site (or part of the site) being closed for short periods throughout the day. For your own safety, please remain in your vehicle and keep your waste on board until the loading/skip exchange is completed. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

List of acceptable materials:


Recycling facilities available



A "bag" is defined as "a small, plastic sand/aggregate bag from standard DIY stores that can be safely lifted by one person".

A "sheet of plasterboard" is a "standard large sheet".  Plasterboard waste can only be accepted if it is separated from other materials, due to restrictions imposed on land-filling plasterboard and the need to keep gypsum clean for reuse in new plasterboard or on land reclamation activities.  For example, the removal of ceramic tiles may be easier if the plasterboard has been soaked in water.

A "sheet of asbestos" is a "small domestic roofing sheet or similar".  For the avoidance of doubt; any item which the site staff deem to contain asbestos will be treated as asbestos (regardless of any analysis or certificates that may have been obtained to state the material is asbestos free) and restrictions/charges will apply.

Please note that all asbestos must be double wrapped/bagged in strong plastic and pre-booked - see Asbestos for further information.

For further information about charging see Chargeable Waste.



Reusable goods are set aside/salvaged for for re-use at this Recycling Centre.

All such goods are offered for sale by the contractors/site operators, and any money made contributes towards site operating costs.  

Prices of items for sale are determined by the Contractor and not Devon County Council.  As stock is continuously changing, there is no guarantee of specific items being available.

Please note that sales of electrical goods are not permitted to the general public.

Health and Safety

All recycling centre users must adhere to the following rules when on site:-

Gloves Should Be Worn When Unloading    Gloves Should Be Worn When Unloading

Wear Suitable Footwear    Wear Suitable Footwear

Avoid Lifting Heavy Weights    Avoid Lifting Heavy Weights

Children and Animals Must Remain in Vehicles    Children and Animals Must Remain in Vehicles

No Smoking    No Smoking

Site Speed Limit    Site Speed Limit

Hazardous Materials    Please See Site Staff if Disposing of Hazardous Materials

Take Care on Steps    Take Care on Steps


Reasonable assistance will be provided when requested.

How to get there: Sutton Barton Recycling Centre, Honiton EX14 9SP

Please refer to the following directions or select the Sutton Barton map

From Axminster, take the A35 towards Honiton. After passing through Wilmington turn left following the signs to the Recycling Centre. Follow the road and take the first left signposted Recycling Centre. The site is on the right about half a mile along this road.

From Honiton, take the A35 towards Axminster. After passing signs to Offwell, take the right turn following the signs to the Recycling Centre. Follow the road and take the first left signposted Recycling Centre. The site is on the right about half a mile along this road.

For further enquiries call Devon County Council Waste Management on

0345 155 1010