Energy use and schools

Curricular material for schools

Several websites provide freely accessible curricular material to schools including:

CREATE- The Teachers section of CREATE’s web site provides downloadable materials for primary and secondary schools and links to other sites providing energy education support. CREATE also provides a useful Links section to scores of web sites suitable for energy education.

Science UPD8- Science UPD8 is a new concept – translatingtranslates the latest breakthroughs and science behind the news, into inspiring activities. There are activities on climate change and energy use for both primary and secondary pupils.

The Pod-, a programme developed by EDF to help schools become more sustainable and to develop a range of energy-themed activities.

Carbon Detectives- UK primary and secondary schools are being invited to join a Europe-wide project in which 8-14 year old pupils will become Carbon Detectives on a mission to find their school’s carbon waste and ways of eliminating it.

Npower's Climate Cops- Free teaching resources developed with practising teachers, supporting the curriculum and aimed at different age groups (ages 4 - 7 years, 7 - 11 years and 11 - 14 years).

British Gas Generation Green- Materials to help teachers promote sustainability in their classroom, school and local community. Intended for children aged between 4 and 14 years. School registration required.

Scottish and Southern Energy's Green Stuff & Cool Stuff- resources for teachers and parents with children aged 9 - 11 years designed to aid the science, technology and citizenship curricula.