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Etched on Devon's Memory

Bicton. Seat of the right honble Lord Rolle
Creator: Gendall, John
Title: Bicton. Seat of the right honble Lord Rolle / J.Gendall delt.
Imprint: [London] : [R.Ackermann]
Date: [1825]
Format: Aquatint : col ; 119x185mm
Ref. no.: SC0177
Notes: Repository of Arts no.25

Copies: WSL: M SC0177

Coverage: Devon . Bicton . Houses . Bicton House . From park . 1825

Last Updated: 02/12/2004

Associated text: Ackermann, Rudolf. The repository of arts magazine. 1810 - 1821. NUMB. CV. PLATE CCX.


The seat of the late Denys Rolle, Esq. now of his son Lord Rolle, is situated twelve miles east of the city of Exeter, on the sea-coast between Exmouth and Sidmouth, in the county of Devon. It was originally in the possession of the ancient family of Denys; and by the marriage of Sir Henry Rolle with the daughter and coheiress of Sir Thomas Denys, it came into the Rolle family, with whom it remains to the present time.

The peculiar beauty of the situation of BICTON meets universal admiration: standing in the centre of a very extensive demesne, commanding a full view of the British Channel, where the frequent passing of fleets affords a pleasing variety to the scene. The park, in which the house stands, abounds with those marks of antiquity, venerable oak and beech trees, whose branches, from the natural luxuriance of the soil, spread to a vast extent. The ancient mansion was taken down by the late John Rolle Walter, Esq. and a handsome edifice begun to be erected in its room: this, however, he did not live to complete, dying in 1779, when it devolved to his brother, the above-named Denys Rolle, Esq. in whose possession it continued to receive many additional improvements. He also enlarged the parish church, which, though placed immediately adjoining the walks and pleasure-ground, is remarkable for the peaceful tranquillity of its appearance. In it is a monument, esteemed a fine piece of sculpture, to the memory of Denys Rolle, Esq. son of Sir Henry Rolle, erected by his widow, with the following inscription:

The remains of
Denys Rolle,
His earthly part within this tombe doth rest
Who kept a court of honour in his breast.
Birth, Beauty, Wit, and Wisdome sate as peeres,
Till Death mistooke his vertues for his years;
Or, else Heaven envy'd earth so rich a treasure,
Wherein too fine the ware, too scant the measure.
His mournful wife, her love to show in part,
This tombe built here, a better in her heart:
Sweet babe, his hopeful heyre (Heaven grant this boon!)
Live but so well, but, oh! die not so soon.
Obiit Anno Domini 1638, Anno 24 Aetatis.
Reliquit Filium unum, Filias quinque.

The plans and improvements that been begun, the present Lord Rolle is completing, under the direction of the ingenious architect Mr. Wyatt.

[Text may be taken from a different source or edition than that listed as the source by Somers Cocks.]

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