People's rights

Those who live and work in Devon have the rights summarised below.

Voting and petitions

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Information The people of Devon have the right to:

  1. attend meetings of the Council, its committees and the Executive except where confidential or exempt information is likely to be disclosed and the meeting is therefore held in private;
  2. find out from the Forward Plan what key decisions will be taken by the Executive and when;
  3. see reports and background papers and any records of decisions made by the Council and the Executive; and
  4. inspect the Council’s accounts and make their views known to the external auditor.

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The people of Devon have the right to complain to:

  1. the councillor who represents the division in which they live or work;
  2. the Council under its complaints scheme;
  3. the Ombudsman (after having exhausted the Council’s own complaints scheme);
  4. the Standards Board for England about a breach of the Councillors' Code of Conduct.

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