Teignbridge Highways and Traffic Orders

Committee Minutes

Thu Apr 01 2010

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Devon County Council

Councillors McMurray (Chairman), Brook, Clarence, Clatworthy, Gribble, Hook and Smith

Teignbridge District Council

Councillors Haines and Mrs Cook


Councillors Barker, Connett, Mrs Fry, Mrs Prowse and Walters

*19 Minutes

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 12 November 2009 be signed as a correct record.

*20 Devon on the Move Devon Local Transport Plan (DLTP)

Proposed Programme for 2010/11

The Committee considered the report of the Area Engineer (South) (EEC/10/72/HQ).

Section 4 of the report detailed the overall programme for the Teignbridge HATOC area as approved by the Cabinet totalling 5,624,000.

Section 5 of the report gave the detailed programmes for School Travel Plans, Public Transport Facilities and Local Access Improvements for this HATOC s consideration. The

Moretonhampstead, Betton Way Chagford Cross Link Road construction to be jointly funded by DCC and the developer required 500,000 DCC contribution, with this work needing to be started early to secure the developer funding, 177,000 remained for other schemes in this category within the overall total of 5,624,000.

Schemes were estimates, with more schemes included than the total budget available carry these out to account for any delays in progressing any of the schemes eg land acquisition, or detailed design costings varying significantly from the estimates.

Members discussions included schemes as listed in the report relating to:-

Section 4:

A379 (written representations submitted by local member)

Section 5:


Teignmouth, George Street


The promotion of schemes to improve air quality for the health and safety of residents (an LTP objective) where appropriate was also raised. Traffic light timings and traffic flow were already used to try to improve this, as well as contributions to the cost of new buses with lower emissions on targeted routes. Implications could be considered further with the District Council s air quality officer.


(a) that the funding provisions which have been approved by the Executive (as set out in Cabinet report EEC/10/43HQ Devon on the Move Devon Local Transport Plan Proposed Programme for 2010/11), as described in sections 1 to 4 of the report to this HATOC (EEC/10/72/HQ) be noted;

(b) that the local allocations for the Teignbridge HATOC area, as listed in the table in section 5 of report to this HATOC (EEC/10/72/HQ) be approved;

(c) that a report be made to the next meeting relating to speed limits and possible road safety improvements on A379;

(d) that officers continue to liaise with the District Council s air quality officer to identify any cost affordable schemes that may assist air quality.

21 A Boards and Other Advertising Within the Highway

The Committee considered the report of the Area Engineer (South) (EEC/10/73/HQ), in which the Environment, Economy and Culture Scrutiny Committee sought HATOC views before considering the countywide policy.

The existing policy was that A Boards or other advertising was only allowed immediately in front of business premises up to 450mm wide providing at least 2m of footway remained. It was proposed to relax the 2m remaining clear width requirement to 1.5m in order to make the policy more practical to enforce consistently across the County.

Members drew a distinction between (a) advertising on the highway causing road safety issues through reduced visibility which must therefore be removed and (b) advertising in front of business premises. It was considered that a balanced approach was needed with each case looked at individually, to protect the public eg particularly those who were partially sighted, or had mobility problems, wheelchair users and pushchairs, whilst not wishing to prevent businesses advertising in a responsible manner particularly during the economic recession.

RESOLVED that the Environment, Economy and Culture Scrutiny Committee be informed that this HATOC endorses the existing policy in relation to A boards and other advertising and displays within the highway, subject to the reduction in minimum remaining unobstructed width of footway to 1.5m, to be exercised with discretion.

*22 Winter Maintenance of the Highways HATOC Questionnaire

The Environment, Economy and Culture Scrutiny Committee task group sought members views on the effects of the severe winter weather on the highways network and the recent response in Devon, in preparation of the 2010/11 Winter Maintenance Plan.


(a) that members be invited to submit their views to the Chief Executive to be forwarded on to the Chairman to review and respond on behalf of HATOC members and/or direct to the Scrutiny Officer;

(b) that a copy of the task group s report be forwarded to members.

*23 Actions Taken under Delegated Authority

The Committee received the report of the Area Engineer (South) (EEC/10/74/HQ) and noted the progress on the schemes and recent traffic regulation orders as listed in the report.

*24 Future Meetings of the Committee

Dates for 2010/11 agreed by the Procedures Committee:

Thursday 8 July 2010

Thursday 11 November 2010

Thursday 7 April 2011*

All meetings commencing at 2.15pm, in the Council Chamber at Forde House, Newton Abbot unless otherwise specified.

*This committee s request for this to be held during March referred to the Procedures Committee.


The meeting started at 2.15pm and finished at 3.25pm

Date Published: Thu Apr 15 2010