Torridge County

Committee Minutes

Tue Jun 15 2010

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Devon County Council

Councillors Boyle, Eastman, Parsons and Robinson

Torridge District Council

Councillor Johns

Devon Association of Parish Councils

Councillor Snetzler


Councillor Boyd

*27 Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman

RESOLVED that Councillor Parsons be elected Chairman for the ensuing year and Councillor Boyd be elected Vice Chairman.

*28 Minutes

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 8 March 2010 be signed as a correct record subject to in minute 22 correction of Mr Perkin for Mr Prentice .

*29 Local Transport Plan 3 and Community Engagement

(a) Mr Raynor of the Senior Council referred to the Local Transport Plan 3 (2011 2026) and the consultation process. Information would be sent from the Environment, Economy and Culture Directorate to Mr Raynor.

(b) The Chairman referred to the need for agencies to coordinate across the District to deliver cost effective services, particularly in the current economic climate. He suggested that parish councils be made aware of these locality meetings and be given the opportunity to submit questions and through the newly appointed DAPC representative. He would discuss options with the officers.

*30 Feedback/Representations

(a) Education Provision East of the Water

(An item raised by Councillor Robinson in accordance with Standing Order 23)

Councillor Robinson referred to the rapidly growing number of young people in East-the-Water and the recognition that the newly-built Bideford College was already at its student numbers limit and for the need for a Junior Secondary School as either a stand-alone or as an additional provision to the present Mines Road School. The Committee received a Briefing Note from the EEC and CYPS Directorates on pupil forecasts and on the draft RSS Housing allocations for Northern Devon and criteria for section 106 contributions.

The Committee noted the uncertainties in terms of capital funding for schools with the recent change in government and concerns about future development and demand for school places in East of the Water.

(b)Community Planning

(An item raised by Councillor Robinson in accordance with Standing Order 23)

Councillor Robinson raised the following for consideration:

In the light of increasing concern expressed by residents regarding the operation of bus services in Bideford and environs, this motion asks the County Committee to consider the possibility of it using its good offices to help coordinate and mediate so as to assist in resolving the problems that have arisen.

There is a growing belief that there is a need to take a comprehensive look at how 'bus services in general in the Torridge District (including rural areas) are planned. In the past Bideford Town Council has convened a Public Transport Forum at which members of the public were able to meet with representatives of the various transport providers. There would seem to be merit in reviving this concept and applying it to the whole of Torridge so that the public transport needs of the total community can be explored and recommendations be brought back to this County committee.

Specifically in Bideford, and of immediate concern, is the recent 75% reduction in the Beacon no. 14 financially supported service for Chubb/Churchill and Broadlands/Mines Road in East-the-Water. There is also concern that the 15/15A from and to Londonderry Farm no longer serves Atlantic Village, thus cutting off still further that estate from community resources that are absent on the estate.

The public are increasingly concerned about sustainability and wonder about how running three buses with similar destinations being driven in convoy along Heywood Road Northam with hardly a passenger between them can be justified in community, environmental or conservation terms - or even in economic terms.

If we are to promote the Sustainable Community Strategy to the public, we owe it to them to explore removing the "own goals" of excessive waste of resources and to investigate redirecting such resources to where they can serve a real public need .

The Committee received a briefing note from Bruce Thompson Transport Coordination Service (EEC directorate) on the legal framework and the reduction in supported services in line with the budget approved by Cabinet involving a reduction of some 286k. The paper also outlined service planning and including issues relating to over and under provision and best use of resources.

Mr Thompson emphasised that the County Council had no powers to change commercial services but if members have any concerns or suggestions about individual services he would relay these to the bus companies.

*31 Asset Management: Torridge

Richard Buzzacott (Head of the Business Transformation Unit) reported on the County Council s property assets in the District and circulated a list of these which also detailed agreed disposals. Mr Buzzacott reported on the County Council s property strategy including office rationalisation and the challenges presented by the impending 25% cuts in services. Members discussed the schedule in detail and requested that the Northam Burrows landfill site (disused) be included, and enquired about the ownership of allotments along the Tarka trail. Further information on the property asset in the district and county was available on the net via this link

*32 The Arts and Tourism in Torridge

The Committee received the report of the Executive Director of Environment, Economy and Culture (EEC/10/118/HQ - text only | pdf EEC/10/118/HQ) on the arts in Torridge, audiences and markets, challenges and opportunities and the available public funding including County Council support to projects and organisations in Torridge. The report emphasised that Torridge has a strong arts sector with several impressive facilities and resources. The Committee noted the need for organisations to work cooperatively in their marketing strategies to achieve optimum cost effectiveness. Members referred to the tourist attractions across Northern Devon with for example the Appledore Book Festival, the area s maritime heritage, the Burton Art Gallery, and asked that more emphasis should be given to the North Devon Biosphere as a further tourist attraction.

The Committee noted that with the increasingly difficult financial environment the County Council and partners could not give an indication of future funding for the arts after March 2011.

*33 Locality Budgets 2009/10 Outturn and Spend to date for 2010/11

The Committee considered the report of the Community strategy Officer (CX/10/70 - text only | pdf CX/10/70) on the Committee s position regarding the outturn for 2009/10, new spending proposals and the position for 2010/11,

RESOLVED that the spending decisions approved by the Chairman since the last meeting be endorsed.

*34 Member Development Steering Group

The Committee received the minutes of the meeting held on 19 May 2010.

*35 Future Meetings

(a) Dates 11 October 2010 and 7 March 2011

(b) Work Plan/Items identified for future discussion

(i) Parish Emergency Plans

(ii) Policing Issues

(iii) Reports from members


The meeting started at 2.00 pm and finished at 4. 20 pm

The Minutes of the Committee are published on the County Council s Website at:-

Date Published: Thu Jul 29 2010