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Committee Minutes

Fri Jun 20 2008

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Councillors Brazil, Croad, Sir Simon Day, Hart, Hawkins, Mumford and Pennington

Apology: Councillor Date

*86 Election of Chairman

Councillor Croad was elected Chairman for the ensuing year.

*87 Election of Vice-Chairman

Councillor Hawkins was elected Vice-Chairman for the ensuing year.

*88 Minutes

RESOLVED that the Minutes of the meeting held on 14 March 2008 be signed as a correct record.

*89 Review of Devon County Council Properties (Min. *73/14 December 2007)

The Committee considered a report by the Chief Executive (CX/08/61 - text only | pdf CX/08/61):

outlining the context and purpose of the current County Council Asset Review, and the review process;

providing performance data relating to maintenance requirements, running costs and energy use for land and properties owned or leased by the County Council in the South Hams;

inviting the views of Committee members on the future of these sites (this would be followed up by a pro-forma sent to each Committee member).

The Asset Review would help achieve the County Council s vision for its property which was to only use property which was fit for purpose, sustainable and efficient to support the delivery of services. It was intended that in due course the Review would give rise to work with partner agencies on joint projects for the benefit of service users. The schools and farm estate was excluded from the Review.

It was agreed that members should respond to the request for feedback on an individual basis.

*90 South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - Management Plan Review Consultation

The Committee considered a report by the Director of Environment, Economy and Culture (EEC/08/148/HQ - text only | pdf EEC/08/148/HQ):

outlining the process of the review of the Management Plan for the South Devon AONB;

providing guidance on the extent to which the process had complied with the requirements of the County Council;

seeking the Committee s approval of the consultation documents.

The report indicated that five year reviews were being undertaken of the Management Plans for all five AONBs in Devon which had been adopted in 2004. New Management Plans had to be submitted to the Secretary of State by March 2009. The County Council and other relevant local authorities had delegated the task of carrying out the reviews to the respective AONB Partnerships and the County Council had identified its expectations and requirements for the reviewed Plans.

South Devon AONB was following a different approach to the other Devon AONBs in the review of its Management Plan. Instead of producing a consultation draft of a Management Plan, it was conducting its consultation through an information leaflet and a focused questionnaire (copies of which had been circulated with the Director of Environment, Economy and Culture s report) which would contribute towards a working draft of the revised Management Plan Strategy and associated Action Plan.

In presenting the report, Mr R English, South Devon AONB Project Officer, gave an overview of the South Devon AONB, the work of the Partnership and its achievements.

It was MOVED by Councillor Pennington, SECONDED by Councillor Hart and


(a) to note the process and timetable for undertaking the AONB Management Plan Reviews;

(b) to approve in principle the consultation process for the Management Plan 2009 - 2014 for the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty;

(c) to delegate to the Director of Environment, Economy and Culture the final agreement of any outstanding detailed issues for the consultation;

(d) to note that the final version of the new Management Plan would be approved through the Devon County Council Executive Member decision process in Spring 2009 as well as by other relevant local authorities.

*91 South Hams County Committee Locality Budget 2007/08 Outturn and Spend to Date for 2008/09

The Committee considered a report by the County Community Strategy Officer (EEC/08/147/HQ - text only | pdf EEC/08/147/HQ) drawing attention to:

the outturn position for 2007/08, including the balance of uncommitted budget available to each member for carry forward into 2008/09;

the total budget available to each member in 2008/09 and expenditure from this budget as at 9 June 2008.

In response to comments during discussion, the County Community Strategy Officer undertook to arrange for guidance on the operation of the capital funds derived from the sale of Exeter International Airport to be re-circulated to Committee members.

It was MOVED by Councillor Croad, SECONDED by Councillor Hawkins and

RESOLVED that the budget outturn for 2007/08 and the current budget position for 2008/09 be noted.

*92 Update on Children s Trust Governance Arrangements

The Committee considered a request by the Devon Children s Trust Board for County Committees to nominate representatives to serve on the new Children s Trust Local Planning and Implementation Partnership (CTLPIP). A background paper on future local governance of the Children s Trust was circulated with the agenda.

It was MOVED by Councillor Croad, SECONDED by Councillor Hawkins and

RESOLVED that Councillor Pennington be appointed to represent the Committee on the CTLPIP

*93 Members Learning and Development Update

The Committee noted:

the excellent response by members to the recent one to one programme which had helped to identify personal development needs;

the production of a Members Learning and Development Plan using the information collated;

the next steps - delivery and monitoring of the Plan and removing other barriers to members performance;

the publication of Member Learning and Development webpages on the DCC website.

*94 Dates/Venues for Future Meetings

The Committee noted the dates on which HATOC and County Committee meetings were scheduled to be held and agreed venues as follows:

Friday 19 September 2008 Stoke Fleming Village Hall

Friday 12 December 2008 South Brent - The Old School Centre

Friday 13 March 2009 Woolwell Community and Resource Centre

(The County Committee to meet on the rising of the HATOC)


The meeting started at 11.10am and finished at 12.25pm

The Minutes of the South Hams County Committee are published on the County Council s Website at:-

Date Published: Tue Jul 22 2008