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Committee Minutes

Tue Oct 25 2011

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25 October 2011


Devon County Council

Councillors Cann, Chugg, Davis, Edgell, Fowler, Haywood and Yabsley

Devon Association of Parish Councils

Councillors Cowling


Councillors Barker (NDC), Greenslade and Tucker (NDC)

*68 Minutes

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 28 June 2011 be signed as a correct record.

*69 Wind Turbine: Mullacott Cross

(An item taken under Section 100B (4) of the Local Government Act 1972).

The Chairman, at the request of Councillor Edgell, had decided that the Committee should consider this item as a matter of urgency, in view of recent information relating to this development.

Councillor Edgell reported on a local agreement in respect of wind turbine electricity generation where the local community would benefit from revenue awarded to the County Council as the land owner for the benefit of the Village. He suggested that further consideration could be given to replicating this arrangement for other communities through out the County. If practicable for other communities consideration could be given to a special briefing for all members of the Council.

It was MOVED by Councillor Haywood, SECONDED by Councillor Cann and

RESOLVED that a briefing paper on the details of the scheme and its applicability to other areas be prepared by the County Council s Head of Economy and Enterprise for Members of this Committee.

*70 Feedback/Representations

The Chairman welcomed Councillor Cowling as the new representative from the Devon Association of Local Communities to his first meeting. Councillor Cowling asked about the future arrangements for this Committee. The Strategic Director Place reported on ongoing discussions about the future role of locality committees and HATOCS and in line with the localism agenda any new arrangements would be a progression of the current position with a wider remit and representation.

*71 Devon Youth Service (North Devon) - Update

The Committee considered the report of the Head of Child Adult Protection (CAP/11/4) on the youth service and service issues relating to the towns and communities in the District. The report also referred to areas of services which had been withdrawn.

The Committee noted that the People s Scrutiny Committee resolved at its meeting on 15 June 2011: that the Locality (County) Committees be asked to view and comment upon Youth Service provision in their localities and draw to the attention of this Committee issues and any concerns they may have that, in turn, may be taken into account in this Committee s consideration of proposals for the Youth Service to be discussed by the Cabinet in the Autumn, as indicated in the Cabinet Forward Plan .

The Committee requested an update from the local Team Leader at the next meeting.

*72 The Tarka Trail/National Cycle Network Routes between Mortehoe and Knowle

The Committee considered the report of the Head of Highways Traffic Management (HTM/11/15 - text only | pdf HTM/11/15) on prospects for the connection of Ilfracombe to the Tarka Trail cycling route with an off road path following the former railway. A partnership group with Ilfracombe Town Council and other local members had been meeting to progress the project. Members reported on the need to progress matters and to secure resources from external sources to complete the development and full connection of the Trail. The Strategic Director Place reported on the dedicated work of the Project Officer trying to secure additional external funding.

It was MOVED by Councillor Davis, SECONDED by Councillor Cann and


(a) that Councillors Cann, Chugg, Davis and Edgell form an informal task group to progress work on an incremental approach to the development of the route from Willingcott to Knowle, to include applications for external funding, negotiations, and to obtaining necessary consents and construction;

(b) that the Ilfracombe Parish Council be thanked for its role in hosting the Working Group.

*73 Locality Working

The Locality Development Officer reported on the allocation of a discretionary budget ( 37.8k for 2011/12) in addition to the members locality budget to be used along similar principles. The discretionary budget could be pooled for committee approval for district-wide projects or allocated to individual members (approximately 4.7k) for projects in their division or with other committee members. If allocated individually the Committee would retain the option to use the fund to support district-wide projects. The Locality Officer would advise members in respect of individual or joint applications. The Committee referred to the importance of the retention of the locality budget in supporting valued community projects identified by members.

It was MOVED by Councillor Haywood, SECONDED by Councillor Cann and


(a) that the discretionary fund be allocated equally to individual members;

(b) that the Cabinet be urged to retain the Members Locality Budgets for 2012/13 and beyond and to allow roll forward of the Discretionary Fund to 2012/13 (in view of the late notification of the fund in the current financial year).

*74 North Devon County Committee Locality/Discretionary Budget for the Financial Year 2011/12 - Confirmation of Spending Proposals and Spend to Date

The Committee considered the report of the County Community Strategy Officer (SC/11/20 - text only | pdf SC/11/20) on the current budgetary position, spending proposals and decisions agreed by the Chairman and Vice Chairman since the last meeting.

The Strategy Development Officer reported further on applications from Go North Devon and Community Radio. Further information on these applications would be circulated to members for consideration.

The local member South Molton Rural referred to an award for transport assistance for young people from Witheridge to attend the home work club at Chulmleigh College which, it was alleged, had been used for other purposes relating to the School s functions. The Strategy officer would make further enquiries.

It was MOVED by Councillor Haywood, SECONDED by Councillor Cann and


(a) that the spending approvals granted by the Chairman and Vice Chairman since the last meeting be endorsed;

(b) that current budget position for 2011/12 be noted;

(c) that regular updates on the Discretionary Fund be included in the Locality Budget reports.

*75 Devon Special Olympics

The Chairman reported on this project for local children with special needs to mirror the special Olympics in July/August 2012 to include specialist coaches, and use of the local track and field arena and swimming pool in South Molton. The budget for the event was 15,000 and assistance from this Committee was requested (from next year s allocation).

It was MOVED by Councillor Haywood, SECONDED by Councillor Cann and

RESOLVED that Councillors Davis, Haywood, Yabsley pledge 1000 each for this event and Councillor Edgell 1000 (from his discretionary fund allocation) and the remaining members be requested to contribute.

*76 Member Development Steering Group

The Minutes of the meetings held on 30 June and 27 September 2011 were noted.

*77 Cabinet Forward Plan

The Committee noted the current Forward Plan:

*78 Dates of Future Meetings

20 March 2012

26 June 2012

23 October 2012

19 March 2013

(all Tuesday mornings, after the HATOC)

*79 Work Plan/Items Identified for Future Discussion

Update on Youth Service Restructure

Update on Property Rationalisation

Transport Plan


The meeting started at 12.35 pm and finished at 1. 40 pm

The Minutes of the North Devon Locality (County) Committee are published on the County Council s Website at:-

Date Published: Mon Nov 07 2011