North Devon County

Committee Minutes

Tue Dec 12 2006

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Councillors Haywood (Chairman), Cann, Ms Davis, Fowler, Greenslade, Mrs Jenkins, Tucker and Yabsley

*46 Minutes

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 27 September 2006 be signed as a correct record.

*47 Connecting with Devon 's Communities/Excellent Customer Experience

The Committee received a presentation from Mrs Sue Rook, Customer Services Policy Officer, which briefed Members on customer service initiatives with a focus on an update on the Customer Service Centre (CSC), the Local Access Specification and development of a Members feedback form.

Members reported problems with accessing the Area Engineer by phone via the CSC and the length of the welcome message CSC staff are required to make at the start of every call to the Centre. Mrs Rook agreed to look into any individual problems that arose but reminded the Committee of the Members only number that Councillors could use. Regarding the Members Feedback form it was felt that adequate facilities for Member comment already existed, although a yearly feedback and analysis on complaints by members of the public would be useful.

Members also decided to accept the invitation to visit the Customer Services Centre in Tiverton and it was agreed that Mrs Rook will arrange suitable appointments..

*48 Priorities for the Local Economy

The Committee considered the report of the Director of Environment, Economy and Culture (EEC/06/222/HQ - pdf EEC/06/222/HQ) on some of the main changes occurring in the Devon economy and the business support structure. It also outlined the actions to prepare a Devon Economic Strategy and key data relating to North Devon district set out in the Appendix to the report.

Members made comments on the following issues:-

obtaining Objective 3 funding in 1993 was a major step forward;

the expected economic benefits of the Barnstaple Downstream bridge;

the proactive approach of North Devon District Council;

the need to attract high quality engineering at Pottington Industrial Estate;

campaign for Assisted Area Status;

improvement work on the Strand and the Square, DCC and NDDC working together;

42m that DCC have allocated toward improving North Devon and all party working to secure improvements to the local economy;

the need to be bring down funding from external sources, especially from the EU;

unemployment and the demographic changes in Barnstaple.

It was MOVED by Councillor Haywood and SECONDED by Councillor Mrs Jenkins and


(a) that the data drawn from the State of Devon Economy report be noted;

(b) that Members comments on the local economy set out above be taken into account by officers.

*49 Devon Local Area Agreement

The Committee considered the report of the Community and Strategy Officer (EEC/06/223/HQ - pdf EEC/06/223/HQ) on the agreement between central government and local partners in Devon which aims to:

Secure local solutions to local issues;

Join up public services; and

Simplify government funding streams.

The Devon LAA, one of 21 pilots running for three years from April 2005, allows for more freedom for the County Council and its partners to use funds flexibly and determine local outcomes within a broad framework set by Government. Local authorities and partners draw up plans to meet the outcomes and agree local priorities. By March 2007 the whole country will be covered by LAAs. A new LAA will be prepared during 2007 to take effect from April 2008 and County Committees will be closely involved in its preparation.

Members explored their understanding of the Devon LAA and the impact it had on the work of the County Council and its partners and it was recognised that more needed to be done to explain the practical results it brought across Devon and in local communities. The link to the Connecting with Communities programme was felt to be particularly important. The Community and Strategy Officer proposed that he report to future Committee meetings on the performance of both the County Council Strategic Plan and Devon LAA in North Devon.

It was MOVED by Councillor Haywood and SECONDED by Councillor Mrs Jenkins and

RESOLVED that the report be noted and the Committee receive performance reports in 2007 on progress of the LAA and Strategic Plan.

*50 Community Planning

The Committee considered the report of the Community and Strategy Officer (EEC/06/224/HQ - pdf EEC/06/224/HQ) on progress in developing local community action plans and the continuing discussions with partners to consider the establishment of a Joint LSP for Torridge and North Devon. The Community and Strategy Officer reported on the meeting being held on 13 December 2006 between the leaders of the County Council, Torridge and North Devon District Councils to expedite progress with the Joint LSP.

It was MOVED by Councillor Haywood and SECONDED by Councillor Mrs Jenkins and


(a) that the current position in relation to parish plans be welcomed and remaining parishes be encouraged to undertake their own parish plans;

(b) that discussions taking place with partners to further the proposal for closer LSP working across northern Devon be noted.

*51 Teenage Kicks Film

The Committee viewed the film Teenage Kicks commissioned from Joel and Leo Cooper about the lack of facilities for young people in the Ilfracombe area. Following the showing Ms Jacqui Perrin, Transform Neighbourhood Warden, and Mr Gary Smith, Neighbourhood Manager, were in attendance to answer Members questions. Mr Smith reported that the film was today being shown to Ruth Kelly, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, by the young people involved with making the film.

*52 Quarterly Update on the North Devon County Committee Budget for 2006/07

The Committee considered the report of the Community and Strategy officer (EEC/06/224/HQ - pdf EEC/06/224/HQ) on the current position regarding previously agreed funding (commitments and actual spend), together with proposals for consideration at the meeting.

It was MOVED by Councillor Haywood and SECONDED by Councillor Mrs Jenkins and


(a) that proposals set out in Section 2 of the report be approved;

(b) that the present position regarding commitments previously agreed, and actual spend to date, set out in Sections 3 and 4 of the report be noted;

(c) that each Member receive an additional 1,500 funding allocation from the unallocated budget remaining;

(d) that Members advise the Community and Strategy officer as soon as possible of any proposals that they wished to develop.

*53 Security Camera on Pilton Causeway

An item requested by Councillor Haywood in accordance with Standing Order 23(2).

Councillor Haywood was concerned by the fact that there was no form of CCTV surveillance on Pilton Causeway and enquired whether the Committee would support seeking funds to have one installed.

It was MOVED by Councillor Haywood and SECONDED by Councillor Greenslade and

RESOLVED that the Area Engineer (North) explore funding options with North Devon District Council with a view to installing a CCTV camera on Pilton Causeway if it was feasible.

*54 Date of Next meeting

The Committee noted the next meeting was due to be held on Tuesday 27 March 2007.


The meeting started at 11.45am and finished at 2.45pm

Date Published: Tue Dec 19 2006