East Devon County

Committee Minutes

Mon Jun 11 2007

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Councillors Boote, Button, Channon, Giles, S Hughes, Hull, Rogers, Taylor and Wragg


Councillor Nicholson.

*49 Election of Chairman

RESOLVED that Councillor Hull be elected Chairman for the ensuing year.

*50 Election of Vice-Chairman

RESOLVED that Councillor Boote be elected Vice-Chairman for the ensuing year.

*51 Minutes

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 26 March 2007 be signed as a correct record.

*52 Children and Young People s Services Progress

The Committee received a presentation from Debbie Pritchard, Change for Children Manager, outlining progress on the restructuring of Children and Young People s Services (a copy of a draft organisation chart for the Children and Young People s Directorate was circulated at the meeting);

Matters discussed included: Childrens Centres and how well they are working; problems with admissions to secondary education in East Devon due to schools being full; statistics requested on the patterns of permanent exclusions in East Devon Schools; 14 19 Agenda and evidence of achievement outcomes from youngsters either within or outside of the National Curriculum and how well schools are coping with targets for SEN children.

*53 Proposals for Future Unitary Structures: Submission by Exeter City Council

The Committee noted that at a previous meeting of the Executive the report of the Chief Executive (CX/07/40) had been considered and the recommendations approved together with the additional resolution that all County Committees be also invited to express their views on the impact of the City Council bid for Unitary Status . Members views about the bid were sought for onward transmission to the Executive.

It was MOVED by Councillor Channon and SECONDED by Councillor Rogers and


(a) that the Committee recognises Exeter City Council s aspirations for unitary status but feel that it is not in the interests of Devon as a whole or indeed Exeter.

(b) that this Committee supports the recommendations in report CX/07/40 which were approved by Executive on 10 April 2007;

(c) that East Devon Parish Councils be alerted to the potential consequences of the application for unitary status and be invited to express their views direct to Government.

*54 Community Planning Database

The Committee considered the report of the Community Strategy Officer (CX/07/54) on the development of a Community Planning Database to support the process and development of community plans.

Members noted that, to make full use of the efforts that communities put into such plans, work was in hand to develop a tool that would allow communities to record information about their projects and issues which would also be accessible to local authorities and public and voluntary sector organisations. The proposed Community Planning Database (CPD) was the online tool to deliver that facility.

The project was being facilitated by the County Council and developed with all key organisations involved. The Strategic Partnership (Chairs of all LSPs in Devon) Group of the Devon Strategic Partnership had taken strategic accountability for the project under the direction of a steering group comprising representatives from District Councils and Local Strategic Partnerships; the Market and Coastal Towns Association; Community Council for Devon; Devon Rural Network; Devon Towns Forum; Devon Renaissance and Devon County Council. Funding and support had been secured for the Objective 2 areas of Devon (North Devon, South Hams, Torridge and West Devon) and it was intended to roll the project out countywide during 2008.

It was MOVED by Councillor Rogers, SECONDED by Councillor Button and

RESOLVED that the planned implementation of the Community Planning Database be welcomed and its use be encouraged locally to inform and support County Council priorities.

*55 The Extended Role of County Committees: Locality Budget 2006/07 Outturn and 2007/8 Allocations

The Committee considered the report of the Community Strategy Officer (EEC/07/159/HQ) on the basis upon which locality budgets would be available to Members in 2007/08 and the outturn position for 2006/07. The County Council had confirmed that any underspends from 2006/07 could be carried forward to be added to the locality budget available for 2007/08.

It was MOVED by Councillor Wragg, SECONDED by Councillor Taylor and

RESOLVED that the report be noted.

*56 Future Meetings

The Committee noted the following dates as set out in the County Council s Calendar of Meetings to commence on the rising of the East Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee, all to be held at Council Offices, Knowle, Sidmouth:-

Monday, 17 September 2007;

Monday, 3 December 2007;

Monday, 31 March 2008.


The meeting started at 3.15pm and finished at 4.15pm.

The Minutes of the East Devon County Committee are published on the County Council s Website at:-

Date Published: Thu Jul 12 2007