Teignbridge Highways and Traffic Orders

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Fri Sep 07 2007

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Friday 7 September 2007

A meeting of the Teignbridge Highways and Traffic Orders Committee will be held on the above date at 2.15pm at Forde House, Newton Abbot to consider the following matters.


Chief Executive



1. Apologies for Absence

2. Election of Chairman

[NB: In accordance with the Council s Constitution the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of this Committee must be a County Councillor).

3. Election of Vice-Chairman

4. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 9 March 2007 (Page 5).

5. Items Requiring Urgent Attention

Items which in the opinion of the Chairman should be considered at the meeting as a matter of urgency.

6. Traffic Management

On Street Parking Charges

Report of the Area Engineer (South) EEC/07/235/HQ - text only | pdf EEC/07/235/HQ (Page 7).

County Electoral Divisions: Newton Abbot (North), Newton Abbot (South),

Teignmouth Town and Dawlish

7. Traffic Management Act: New Road and Street Works Act New Regulations

Report of the Director of Environment, Economy and Culture EEC/07/236/HQ - text only | pdf EEC/07/236/HQ (Page 10).

County Electoral Divisions: All

8. Temporary Road Closures: Special Events Act 1994

Report of the Director of Environment, Economy and Culture EEC/07/237/HQ - text only | pdf EEC/07/237/HQ TO FOLLOW

County Electoral Divisions: All

9. Ley Lane, Kingsteignton Review Since Construction of Lights

Until the end of May 2007 there were 4 incidents reported since commissioning the lights, which are:

(a) A shunt involving a motorcycle.

The police advise this was very minor in nature, and could have occurred anywhere on the network.

(b) A head on collision reported in press. No details yet show on the police records and so it is not possible to assess causation, however the police have not so far suggested the junction was the cause.

(c ) A pedestrian stepped out and was almost hit by passing vehicle.

This sort of incident could happen anywhere on the network.

(d) Two vehicles collide passing between Ley Lane and Gestridge Road. This appears to be due to one of the vehicles moving off before the traffic lights changed and is thought to be a damage only collision.

Since the end of May there are no further reported collisions to date.

Data has yet to be analysed to determine the extent of the change on traffic flows since the commissioning of the lights, however they do not appear to be causing any significant congestion.

It usually takes about 6 months for a new junction light system to settle down, and it currently appears that drivers have got used to it and are using it correctly.

Therefore, at this stage no further adjustments are considered necessary, but reported collisions will continue to be reviewed to assess whether further adjustments to the phasing of the lights are required.

Recommendation: It is recommended that the satisfactory operation of the lights after initial bedding in period be noted.

Electoral Divisions: Kingsteignton

10. Cycle Route Starcross to Powderham Church

Area Engineer (South) to report.

11. Future Meetings of the Committee

Meetings for the remainder of the 2007/08 calendar year:-

Friday 23 November 2007

Friday 7 March 2008.

All meetings will be held at 2.15pm at Forde House, Newton Abbot.

The Committee is also asked to note that, in reviewing the arrangements for HATOCs and County Committees the Procedures Committee on 11 May 2007 resolved that the status quo be maintained although HATOCs and County Committees be reminded of the need to structure their agenda so as to minimise any inconvenience or disruption for guest speakers and that Committees representing rural areas be encouraged wherever possible, as a means of securing the most effective local arrangements, to meet on the same day, subject to a further review in 12 months time .



Members are reminded that Part II reports contain confidential information and should therefore be treated accordingly. They should not be disclosed or passed on to any other person(s).

Members are also reminded of the need to dispose of such reports carefully and are therefore urged to return them to the Committee Secretary at the conclusion of the meeting for disposal.



Devon County Council

Councillors Hook (Chairman), Barker, Berman, Bray, Brook, Clatworthy, Cook, Cox, Mrs Fry, Mrs Morgan and Smith

Teignbridge District Council

Councillors Mrs Cook, Haines and Walters

Declaration of Interests

Members are reminded that they must declare any interest they may have in any item to be considered at this meeting, prior to any discussion taking place on that item.

Access to Information

Any person wishing to inspect any minutes, reports or lists of background papers relating to any item on this agenda should contact Fiona Rutley on 01392 382305


Agendas and minutes of this Committee together with officers reports considered by the Committee are published online on the Council s Website at:


Copies of this Agenda and/or Reports may be made available in other formats (e.g. large print, audio tape, Braille or other languages). Please contact the Information Centre on 01392 380101 for more information.

Date Published: Fri Sep 07 2007