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Mon Jan 09 2006

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A meeting of the Committee will be held on the above date at 10.00 am at County Hall, Exeter to consider the following matters.

P. Jenkinson

Chief Executive

Please note the revised start time



1. Minutes of the meeting held on 24 October 2005 (previously circulated).

2. Items Requiring Urgent Attention

Items which in the opinion of the Chairman should be considered at the meeting as a matter of urgency.

3. Free Transport Entitlement for Over 8s living between 2 and 3 miles from School

(The following has been referred to the Committee for further advice and consideration in accordance with Policy Procedure Rule 2.4 (Part 4 of the Constitution).

The Executive on 19 November 2005 considered the report of the Director of Education, Arts Libraries (EO/05/53) (attached page 1) on a proposal that the entitlement for all primary age children should in future be based on the two mile criterion, rather than 3 miles. Also attached is the Task Group report (CX/02/23) (Page 3) from June 2002 and an extract of the relevant minute (Page 16) from the meeting of this Committee on 10 June 2002.

The Executive resolved:

(a) that the Executive notes the Minute of the Community Services Overview/Scrutiny Committee held on 10 June 2002 (Minute 55 - School Transport Policy Task Group) supporting the implementation of a change in eligibility for school transport to allow all primary school children living more than two miles from the designated school to be eligible for free transport to that school;

(b) that the previous acceptance in principle by the Executive on 3 September 2002 of the changes proposed by the School Transport Policy Task Group be also noted;

(c) that, accordingly, the Executive now confirms its approval of a change to operate a distance criterion for free home to school transport of two miles, rather than three as at present, to all primary age children over eight, to be phased in over the next three years, with implementation at the earliest date possible;

(d) that this change be considered as part of the revenue budget preparations for 2006/07 with this Framework Decision being taken at the meeting of the County Council on 16 February 2006.

[NB: This Framework Decision will be considered by the County Council on 16 February 2006]

4. Review of the Organisation of Adult and Children s Services (Minute *36/12 July 2005)

Joint report of the Director of Social Services, Director of Education, Arts Libraries and Director of Personnel Performance (SS/05/38 - pdf SS/05/38) (Page 19) considered by the Executive on 20 December 2005 on the recommendations of the Working Group previously established by the Executive to review and consider options for the management of Children s and Adults Services within the County Council and on the related impact of those changes on the wider organisational structure of the County Council.

The Executive had resolved inter alia (e) that the Executive recognises that the Community Services Overview/Scrutiny Committee may wish to look at the proposals, invites relevant Advisory Groups also to comment prior to 28 February and reminds all Members of the Council that they may submit individual representations as part of the consultation referred to above .

5. Early Years Review (Minute *96/27 September 2005)

Report of the Director of Education, Arts Libraries (EO/05/61) (Page 25) considered by the Executive on 20 December 2005 on proposals to merge the existing roles of Foundation Stage Advisory Teacher, pre-School Advisory Teacher and Area Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator into the new role of Early Years Adviser following extensive consultation with interested parties.

The Executive resolved that, subject to there being no objection to the proposals arising from the Community Services Overview/Scrutiny Committee consideration of this matter on 9 January 2006 and to that Committee receiving the assurances it seeks, approval be given to a new structure for effective support to early years education, with revised staff job descriptions and to a move to line management of Early Years Advisory staff by Devon Curriculum Services .

6. Social Services Quarterly Performance Report

Report of the Director of Social Services (SS/06/01 - pdf SS/06/01) (Page 33)

7. Task Group: Updates:

(a) Children's Trust Panel Update and Recommendations

Reports by the Panel (CX/05/132) (page 43) and the Chair of the Panel (CX/05/134) (page 50)

(b) Modernisation Programme

Report of the Chief Executive (CX/05/133) (page 52)



Members are reminded that Part II reports contain confidential information and should therefore be treated accordingly. They should not be disclosed or passed on to any other person(s).

Members are also reminded of the need to dispose of such reports carefully and are therefore urged to return them to the Committee Secretary at the conclusion of the meeting for disposal.



Councillors Mrs Channon (Chairman), Bray, Button, Croad, Date, Mrs Fry, Hannaford, Haywood, Hook, Leadbetter, Lee, Pennington, Mrs Spence, Mrs Wragg and Mrs Turner

Additional Members for Educational Issues

Dr Eade (Church of England), Mrs Jane Day (Primary Parent Governor), vacant (Secondary/Special Parent Governor), Mr J Mannix (Roman Catholic Church)

Mrs S M Spence

Mrs M E Turner

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Declaration of Interests

Members are reminded that they must declare any interest they may have in any item to be considered at this meeting, prior to any discussion taking place on that item.

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Date Published: Fri Dec 23 2005