Development Control

Committee Agenda

Wed Nov 30 2005

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minutes for this agenda

A meeting of the Development Control Committee will be held on the above date at 2.15 p.m . at County Hall, Exeter to consider the following matters.


Chief Executive



1. Minutes of the meeting held on 12 October 2005, attached (Page 6).

2. Items Requiring Urgent Attention

Items which in the opinion of the Chairman should be considered at the meeting as a matter of urgency.


3. County Matter Waste Disposal

(a) East Devon District: Proposed Replacement Sewage Treatment Works, to Include Demolition of Existing Plant, New Access Track from the A30 and Culvert Over Ditch, at Monkton Sewage Treatment Works, Monkton

Report of the County Environment Director (ED/05/234/HQ - supplementary information ED/05/234/HQ), attached

(Page 11).

(b) East Devon District: Retrospective Planning Application for Recycling and Storage of Demolition Waste and Erection of a Temporary Mobile Building at Greendale Barton Industrial Estate, Woodbury Salterton

Report of the County Environment Director (ED/05/235/HQ - supplementary information ED/05/235/HQ), attached

(Page 19).

4. County Council Development

(a) East Devon District: Proposed construction of a new single carriageway between the A30 Trunk Road Airport Junction roundabout and C832 (Former A30) county road near Hayes Farm, to include stub junctions to serve future adjacent developments at land between Exeter Airport and Clyst Honiton Village, Clyst Honiton, Exeter

Report of the County Environment Director (ED/05/236/HQ - pdf | supplementary information ED/05/236/HQ), attached

(Page 27).

(b) Mid Devon District: Proposed Alterations and Extensions to School Building to Create a New Classroom, Offices, Staff Room and Disabled/Staff Toilets, Including Demolition of Wall at Uplowman Primary School

Report of the County Environment Director (ED/05/237/HQ - supplementary information ED/05/237/HQ), attached

(Page 47).

(c) North Devon District: Proposed Renewal of Planning Permission for Devon Lady Temporary Classroom to Remain on Site for a Period of a Further Five Years at Umberleigh Community Primary School, Umberleigh

Report of the County Environment Director (ED/05/238/HQ - supplementary information ED/05/238/HQ), attached

(Page 56).

(d) West Devon Borough: Construction of Cycle/Walkway from Anderton Lane, Whitchurch to Grenofen, Tavistock

Report of the County Environment Director (ED/05/239/HQ - supplementary information ED/05/239/HQ), attached

(Page 62).

(e) West Devon Borough: Proposed Cycle/Walkway (Including Potential Link for Local Horse Riders), from Runnon Moor to Church Road, Highampton

Report of the County Environment Director (ED/05/240/HQ - supplementary information ED/05/240/HQ), attached

(Page 71).

5. Planning/Highway Consultations

(a) Teignbridge District: Land North of Jetty Marsh, Newton Abbot

(i) Application 05/03534/MAJ Proposed Jetty Marsh to Whitehill Cross Link Road Phase 2 on land East of Whitehill Cross and North of Jetty Marsh (Full Planning Application);

(ii) Application 05/03535/MAJ Proposed B1 Employment Development (Approval sought for means of access) on land to North East of Whitehill Cross and East of Old Exeter Road (Outline Application):

(iii) Application 05/3536/MAJ Proposed Residential Development (Approval south for means of access) on land to the East of the A382 Bovey Tracey Road at Whitehill Cross (Outline Application);

(iv) Application 05/03537/MAJ Proposed relation of Newton Abbot Rugby Football Club including New Clubhouse, Pitches and Associated Infrastructure (Approval sought for means of access and siting), Land West of Old Exeter Road (Outline Application);

(v) Application 05/03538/MAJ Proposed Development of 73 Residential Apartments with Associated Works (Approval sought for means of access and siting) on Land to North of Jetty Marsh Road (Outline Application)

Report of the County Environment Director (ED/05/241/HQ - pdf | supplementary information ED/05/241/HQ), attached

(Page 79).

(b) Torridge District: Proposed Biomass Electricity Generator at Winkleigh Airfield, Winkleigh

Report of the County Environment Director (ED/05/242/HQ - pdf | supplementary information ED/05/242/HQ), attached

(Page 91).

6. Other Matters

(a) Office of the Deputy Priminister Consultation Paper Applying the Planning Acts to the Crown

County Environment Director to report.

(b) Department of the Environment Circular 28/83: Quarterly Report on the Handling of County Matter and County Council Development Planning Applications 1 July 30 September 2005

Report of the County Environment Director (ED/05/243/HQ - pdf ED/05/243/HQ), attached

(Page 110).


7. Delegated Action

(a) Delegated Action

The schedules of action taken by the County Environment Director under delegated powers, on behalf of the Committee, will be displayed on the notice board in the Committee Room prior to the meeting and will also be available for inspection at the office of the Chief Executive. Summary attached (ED/05/244/HQ), (Page 118).

(b) Update Report on the Outcomes of Previous Strategic Planning/Highway Consultation Responses made by the County Council s Development Control Committee 30 November 2005

Report of the County Environment Director (ED/05/245/HQ - pdf ED/05/245/HQ), attached

(Page 121).



Members are reminded that Part II Reports contain confidential information and should therefore be treated accordingly. They should not be disclosed or passed on to any other person(s).

Members are also reminded of the need to dispose of such reports carefully and are therefore urged to return them to the Committee Secretary at the conclusion of the meeting for disposal.



Councillors Browning (Chairman), Button, Cann, Clatworthy, Cox, Miss Davis, Ford, Giles, Hosking, Mitchell, Nicholson, Radford, Tucker, Way, Mrs. Wragg

Declaration of Interests

Members are reminded that they must declare any interest they may have in any item to be considered at this meeting, prior to any discussion taking place on that item.

Access to Information

Any person wishing to inspect any minutes, reports or lists of background papers relating to any item on this agenda should contact Barbara Gliddon on the telephone number shown at the top of this agenda


The agendas and minutes of the Development Control Committee together with officers reports considered by the Committee are published on the Information Devon Website at

Where there are officers reports for Committee determined applications, these will be available as soon as the agenda is published online and can be accessed by following the appropriate links from the corresponding agendas and minutes.

Access to County Hall

Access to County Hall is restricted and all visitors are requested to report to the Main Reception. Car parking facilities on site are limited. Provision for disabled parking is available. It is advisable to contact County Hall Main Reception in advance on 01392 382504. See attached sheet for Public Transport Links.

Webcasting of Meetings

The proceedings of this meeting may be recorded for broadcasting on the internet via the County Council s website Information Devon . The whole of the meeting will be broadcast apart from any confidential items which may need to be considered in the absence of the press and public.

Development Control Committee Public Participation

Any memb Any member of the public resident in the administrative area of the county of Devon may make a presentation to the Committee on a planning application being considered by the Committee, or any consultation on a proposal by a Government Department (but not when the County Council is consulted on a proposal by a District Council) or a Review of Old Minerals Permissions applications.

Any request to make a presentation must be given to the Chief Executive's Directorate by 12 noon on the third working day before the date of the meeting. For further information please contact Mrs. Gliddon on the telephone number shown at the top of this agenda.

Date Published: Wed Nov 23 2005