Early years and childcare in schools


'Stepping Out'- A guide for parents on Admission to Nursery and Foundation Stage Units

The ‘Stepping Out’ booklet is one of a suite of Devon County Council booklets on admissions and sits alongside the First Step booklet on admissions to primary schools and Next Step booklet on admissions to secondary schools. All community and voluntary controlled schools with nursery classes and governor run provision must follow the Devon County Council Nursery Admissions policy and direct parents to the Stepping Out booklet.

Applications for a place in a Nursery School or Nursery Class in a maintained school must be made on the form that can be found in the centre of the Stepping Out booklet.

For admission to Nursery Schools in Devon the reach areas of the co-located Childrens Centre will be used as a guide for Governors when they are allocating nursery places. Please refer to the maps above if you are considering applying for a place at Chestnut Nursery School or Westexe Nursery School in Exeter. Priority will be given to children living within the reach areas in the same way as schools designated areas are used to determine priority for admission to nursery classes in primary and infant schools in Devon.