Devon Structure Plan

Devon Structure Plan First Review - Adjustments to the Proposed Modifications published in September 1998

The five Structure Plan Authorities have agreed to adopt the Plan proposals at the end of February 1999, subject to some minor adjustments to policy wording and the inclusion of some further clarification in the supporting text, as follows

(a) Adjustments to the wording of Policies. Further views are not being sought on these policies.

Policy S5 (self-sufficiency of communities)
  • in the last sentence after "infrastructure" add ", employment,"
Policy S6 (infrastructure)
  • in the first sentence delete "will not normally permit" and insert "should not provide for"
  • in the last sentence, at the beginning, delete "Where Appropriate," then at the end of the sentence add "where appropriate for them to do so."

Policy C3

(National Parks and AONB’s)

  • in the first sentence delete "landscape" and insert "natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage"
  • in final sentence delete "special landscape character and qualities" and insert "natural beauty, character and special qualities"
Policy C7 (Coastal Preservation Areas)
  • in the first sentence delete "essential" and insert "required"
Policy C12 (archaeology)
  • at the beginning of the first sentence add "Nationally"
Policy C20 (waste)
  • in the last sentence delete "Local Plans and Waste Local Plan(s)" and insert "appropriate Local Plans"
Policy T12 (highway programme)
  • for the ‘A30/A303 Marsh – Honiton & A35 Honiton Bypass’ add a Footnote to indicate that "This scheme is currently subject to a multi modal study instigated by Central Government".
Policy N1 (new community east of Plymouth)
  • before the list of criteria delete "can" and insert "will"
Policy N2 (new community east of Exeter)
  • before the list of criteria delete "can" and insert "will"

(b) Additional explanation in the supporting text of the Explanatory Memorandum to about Policies S1c (Area Centres), S6 (infrastructure), C14 and C15 (Conservation of important sites and features), C18 (waste), C23 (renewable energy), C27 (agricultural land), T14 (car parking), E3 (employment), E4 (safeguarding employment land), E5 (coastal resorts), E8 (large scale tourist village complexes) and E16 (minerals).