Structure Plan 2001 to 2016 (adopted October 2004)

Structure Plan Programme

Structure Plan Programme of work undertaken
(as at January 2005)

Programme Stages


Start Plan Process

September 2001

Issues Stage

November/December 2001  


July 2002

Pre EIP Changes

January 2003

Examination in Public

June/July 2003

Panel Report

November 2003


February 2004

Policies and Proposals recommended for Adoption

May 2004


8 October 20041

Publication of:
'Notice of Adoption' and
'Written Statement of  the adopted policies and proposals'

28 October 2004

Publication of 'Explanatory Memorandum'

January 2005

Note 1. The Structure Plan Authorities originally intended to adopt the Structure Plan on 26 August 2004. However, on the 25 August 2004, the First Secretary of State directed the authorities not to adopt the Structure Plan until he notifies them of his decision as to whether to give them a direction under Section 35A of the Town and County Planning Act 1990 (as amended). On the 8 October 2004, the First Secretary of State decided not to proceed with the direction.