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Local Development Framework Briefing Papers

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Local Development Framework Briefing Papers

The first round of Local Development Documents (i.e. the replacement for Local Plans) are being prepared by District Councils in Devon.  The new system of plans require people, including the Devon County Council, to put forward their views about the matters to be covered in the plans at an early stage in the process.   

The timetables for preparing Local Development Framework Documents are set out in 'Local Development Schemes' prepared by the Local Planning Authorities.

The Briefing Papers below provide guidance to the District Councils and others about the matters that should addressed in the new plans to reflect Devon County Councils responsibilities and interests.  Over time the list and content of the paper may need to be reviewed.  For more information or comment contact Robert Maynard on 01392 382094 or email

List of Briefing Papers (as at 4 March 2010)
(agreed papers attached [those with an hash # recently posted onto website], additional papers will be added when available)


Community Focus

Spatial Strategy

Transport and Travel

Local Transport Plan 2006 to 2011

Devon County Council Service / Infrastructure

Conservation and Environmental Protection

Culture and Public Realm

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