Devon Structure Plan


The Structure Plan Authorities within Devon adopted the policies and proposals in this document on the 26th February 1999.

The Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions gave careful consideration to the proposals the Authorities intended to adopt and decided that he should not intervene in the in the adoption of the Plan.

The Document sets out the strategic planning framework for the development and use of land to 2011 for the administrative areas of Devon County Council, Plymouth City Council, Torbay Council, and Dartmoor National Park. (See Notice below about Exmoor National Park Authority).

The Explanatory Memorandum sets out the Structure Plan policies and proposals together with appropriate supporting text, while the Written Statement contains only the policies and Proposal without any explanatory text. The Key Diagram at the back of the document forms an index to the Policies and illustrates the general location where the policies apply.

The Policies and Proposals set out within this Structure Plan provide the basis for decisions to be made by the Structure Plan Authorities, and District Councils, when preparing local plans, planning for future physical, social and economic infrastructure needs and dealing with planning applications.

More detailed planning proposals will be published by Devon County Council, Plymouth City Council, Torbay Council, and Dartmoor National Park Authority and District Councils when they review their Local Plans in the context of the Policies and Proposals of the Structure Plan First Review.

September 1999


Exmoor National Park Policies and Proposals

Since the adoption of the Devon Structure Plan First Review a question has arisen over the application of the Review to Exmoor National Park. To resolve the matter Exmoor National Park Authority now propose to incorporate the strategic policies and proposals that are relevant to the Exmoor National Park area within the Somerset and Exmoor National Park Joint Structure Plan. The policies and proposals of the Devon Structure Plan First Review for the area of Exmoor National Park, and the Exmoor National Park area of the Key Diagram, should therefore be treated as not having been adopted.

Where specific reference is made to Exmoor National Park (e.g. Proposals H1 and E3) a footnote has been added to reflect this notice.

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