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Payments Online

Pay your council bills with any of the following credit/debit cards:

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If you are in a public place, make sure that you are not being overlooked and that your personal details cannot be taken and misused by somebody else.

Tips for using this service

  • You must enter details for all fields that are marked with this symbol Mandatory field.
  • If at any time you need help about the information being requested then select the Help symbol symbol.
  • When using the service, DO NOT use your browser navigation buttons, use the buttons on the pages instead.
  • More Information.

Is it safe?

Your personal information will be kept safe. We will receive your information using a secure server. This means that the transaction is encrypted between your machine and the authority's server.


Once your credit/debit card details have been submitted and your card company has approved the payment, the payment will be processed within one working day.

Other ways of paying bills

More information about paying your bills to the council.