Civil Parking Enforcement

Devon County Council has responsibility for all on-street civil parking enforcement in Devon – but not Plymouth or Torbay.

This allows the Police to focus on tackling more serious crimes, and allows us to link parking enforcement in car parks and on-street with our other transport priorities such as reducing congestion, improving air quality and promoting road safety.

We also have responsibility to enforce double parking offences, and parking at dropped kerbs or raised carriageways at crossing points, cycle lanes and driveways. Motorists who commit these offences will be liable for a £70 parking ticket (Penalty Charge Notice). Vehicles parked alongside dropped kerbs at pedestrian crossings, or raised carriageway informal crossing points, and cycle lanes will also be liable for a £70 parking ticket.

Devon is a member of the Parking and Traffic Regulations outside London (PATROL) Adjudication Joint Committee. PATROL provides useful information for drivers about paying or challenging a parking ticket.


Traffic Wardens or Civil Enforcement Officers

We employ Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) to enforce parking restrictions. These powers are issued by the Secretary of State under regulations within the Traffic Management Act 2004. This means parking enforcement is the responsibility Devon County Council, but the police remain responsible for illegal offences such as dangerous parking and obstruction. The main objectives of on-street parking enforcement are to maintain road safety and prevent congestion.

CEOs patrol all streets with pay and display parking, double yellow lines and other parking restrictions, as well as off-street car parks. They check whether cars are parked appropriately and issue parking tickets to vehicles parked in contravention of the traffic regulation orders.

CEOs have no powers to remove a vehicle blocking or restricting a private driveway. The Police need to be contacted and they may be able to use police powers to deal with obstruction offences to get an offending vehicle removed.

Once a parking ticket has been issued the CEO can’t withdraw or cancel it. Drivers must challenge the ticket in writing.

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Do it Online

For all fines issued in District Council Car Parks, you can pay that parking fine online, by visiting the relevant District Council website.