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Parking places for Blue Badge holders - how to apply for a Disabled Parking Bay

Providing certain conditions are met Devon County Council, as Highway Authority, can provide and mark on the carriageway, parking places for blue badge holders. These can be either:-

  1. a formal space covered by a Traffic Regulation Order, which can be enforced by a Civil Parking Enforcement Officer

  2. an advisory space, where parking difficulties exist normally provided in the vicinity of a disabled person’s home.

A bay cannot be provided solely for the use of an individual and is available for the use of any Blue Badge Holder.

To apply for a Parking Bay

There is a county-wide policy governing the provision of disabled parking bays. For a successful application, the following conditions must be met:

  1. You must be a blue badge holder.
  2. You must be the driver or regular passenger of the vehicle for which the space is required. The vehicle should be based at your property and the driver also resident.
  3. There is no off-street parking available at or "near” your property.

A bay will normally only be issued where there is a known parking issue.

Devon County Council offers a one stop application process via our Customer Service Centre Highways Team, whereby eligibility and Blue Badge status can be checked live via a single telephone call to 0345 155 1004.

Once eligibility has been established the matter will be passed to the local Highway Neighbourhood Team to give approval for a bay to be marked where appropriate. The whole process should take no more than 12 weeks.

It should be remembered that eligibility does not mean entitlement and it may be found after survey that a bay cannot be marked due to existing parking restrictions, road safety or traffic management issues. The marking of a bay is also dependant on local staff and financial resources.

Here is a link to the Department for Transport - Blue Badge advisory leaflet for blue badge holders.

Formal Parking Bays

Formal spaces are normally found within the central business districts of a town and will have been provided for the general use of blue badge holders to ease their use of facilities within the area. They will be covered by a Traffic Regulation Order, are enforceable by Civil Parking Enforcement Officers, and will be marked in accordance with the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions in that the word “DISABLED” will be written alongside the bay and a restriction plate (showing the blue disabled symbol) giving any information required will be mounted adjacent to the bay. These may also be found in residential areas controlled by waiting restrictions for example Residential Parking Zones.

Advisory Bays

An advisory parking bay for blue badge holders is normally provided where parking is at a premium in a residential area that is not controlled by waiting restrictions. A resident holding a blue badge, who has satisfied the conditions laid down by the County Council as Highway Authority, may be provided with a parking place on the highway near their home. Such bays are advisory and depend on the goodwill of neighbours and other road users for their success.

Advisory bays are also marked in accordance with the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions in that the word "DISABLED” will be written alongside the bay on the road, but they do not have a restriction plate (showing the blue disabled symbol) accompanying them.

Although advisory bays are primarily intended for the use of the original applicant, they cannot be enforced and consequently no action can be taken against anyone else who parks there, whether a blue badge holder or not. However, experience shows that such spaces are normally respected and the original applicant will experience an enhanced lifestyle as a result.