Physical Disability

Occupational Therapy

The Adult & Community Services Occupational Therapy service exists to help people with a disability to live independently in their own home. We help people of all ages who have permanent disabilities, however these have been caused.

Who are Occupational Therapists?

Occupational Therapists, (OTs) are based at our local offices, are trained to work with people with a wide range of disabilities. They aim to enable people to make the most of their abilities and remain as independent as possible. One way this is achieved is by adapting the home environment to suit the disabled person's needs often through the provision of equipment or house adaptations. This work is carried out in close collaboration with District Councils and Health Trusts.

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What do Adult & Community Services Occupational Therapists do?

If you contact us about equipment and adaptations in your home, we will explain about what services are available and how we will assess you for them.

We will tell you when we are coming to visit you to assess your needs and will discuss them with you and anyone else you may wish to be involved (such as someone helping to caring for you).

Your needs will be considered against our eligibility criteria to see if we can offer you any help. We will let you know if you don't qualify for Occupational Therapy services and let you know the reasons why. We can give advice and information to help you make your own arrangements.

We will tell you about any costs involved before you decide to have any adaptations.

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What do we do when we are assessing your needs?

  • Advise you and your carer on the best ways of managing at home.
  • Help you to be as independent as possible e.g. with personal care, cooking.
  • Advise you and your carer about equipment which may help you at home and provide some items on loan.
  • Advise you on suitable housing and ways of adapting your home to meet your needs.
  • Help to prevent you going into long-term residential care, when this is appropriate.
  • Make the best use of the money we have available.
  • Offer advice on benefits you may be entitled to.

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Occupational Therapists and Adaptations

District Council Housing Authorities have a role to play in enabling disabled people to stay in their own home. They can help if a property needs to be adapted. Each council has different rules, but adaptations can be carried out on owner occupied property and council owned property. Housing Associations are also able to carry out adaptations to their own property. Some councils can carry out adaptations free of charge if you are a council tenant.

If you want to be considered for a grant towards adapting your home, they will refer you to the Adult & Community Services Occupational Therapy service for assessment.

Do not start work before you have had an assessment as any help cannot be given in retrospect.

If you are assessed as needing an adaptation any financial contribution will be worked out according to national guidelines.

In some circumstances, housing authorities must provide grants to help you. (You can get a detailed explanation from your local district council).

If you are a housing association tenant an assessment will be carried out with the Occupational Therapy Service.

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