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Occupational Testing

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Occupational/Psychometric testing is a psychological assessment used in the workplace.  These standardised and benchmarked tests can be used for:

  • Career guidance
  • Team building
  • Performance management
  • Training and development
  • Counselling
  • Supporting employment decisions
  • Recruitment and selection

The type of assessment falls into two main areas:

  • Personality questionnaires measure a person's work style preferences.

    Personality Questionnaires are concerned with people's typical or preferred way of behaving, exploring a broad range of personality characteristics relevant to the working environment.  They can be used in conjunction with other assessment methods in, for example development, selection, team building and counselling.  The questionnaires are designed to cover a range of job roles including managerial, supervisory, graduate and clerical.
  • Ability tests measure a person's capability in certain key skill areas.

    Ability Tests - A range of standardised tests which will help give objective information to help identify if someone has the right skills needed to do the job.  Complete range of tests including tests of verbal analysis, numerical, managerial judgement, speed and accuracy in checking information,

All assessments are conducted either online or face-to-face by a member of our highly experienced team with feedback delivered both to candidates and appointing panel.

Our fully trained and licensed psychometric practitioners can advise you on a range of materials to best suit your individual requirements.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for in these pages please email occtest@devon.gov.uk or call 01392 385555 .

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