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Our Services, Aims and Policies



If we are unable to provide a photocopy of a particular document or photograph, or if you require a photograph of a document or a duplicate photographic print for your own personal use, then you can take a photograph (without flash) of the document in the search-room yourself.


A Photography Permit is necessary if you wish to use your own camera to take photographs of documents or books in the searchroom.  You will be issued with a permit recording your name and the date or dates for which the permit is valid.  Regular users may wish to purchase an annual permit.   The charges are:

  • £3.00 per day
  • £12.00 per week
  • £20.00 per month
  • £60.00 per year

Our photographing policy and copyright law

Photography of documents and reproduction of photographic prints is, like other forms of copying, subject to copyright regulations.  You may usually take photographs of original documents or of photographic prints provided the photograph is for personal use - that is, not for exhibition, reproduction, orpublication in printed form or on a website.  You will need to complete a permission photograph/copyright form, available from staff in the search-room whenever you take photographs.

If you wish to exhibit, reproduce or publish a photographic print or an image of a document in printed form, or publish it on a web-site, please inform us.  We can then identify and contact the document/photograph owner, and the copyright owner for permission, or assist you to do this yourself.  If you do not inform us that you are intending to reproduce or publish a photograph of a document or a photographic print held in our record office to which copyright applies, you will be infringing the laws of copyright.

Further information on our copyright policy

Digital copying service

We offer a limited digital photography service for visitors who cannot take their own photographs in the searchroom.  

The charge for this service is £6.00 per image.   There is no additional charge if we send you the image as an e-mail attachment.  See information on digital copying for more information.

Copies of photographic prints and documents for publication or exhibition

If you require a duplicate print of one of our photographs, or a digital photograph of a document taken to a professional standard, we may suggest that you use a professional photography service.

Professional photography service

We would be pleased to recommend suitable local firms of professional photographers if needed.