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IMPORTANT PLEASE READ - RAP (Remote Access Portal) is no longer available for personal devices.

You may not use RAP to access DCC systems and information on any personal device (phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC). To access a full desktop remotely your device must be accredited to meet the required standards and must be managed by either Devon County Council or another public sector organisation – which includes key partners such as LDP Babcock and Virgin Care.

In order to ensure the necessary accreditation to the PSN, RAP (Remote Access Portal) was switched off on 18 July 2014. Access to corporate email through your 2 factor token and the Webmail Portal ( remains available at present (March 2015), but this should be regarded as a temporary extension while we review the range of mobile and remote solutions the Council requires going forward.

Due to ever-increasing threats around cyber security, the Government has mandated that it is no longer safe enough to access Government systems and information from IT devices which are not controlled and managed by a Government department.

Remote Access Portal

Terms and Conditions
Only authorised users with Devon County Council accounts are eligible to logon to the Remote Access Portal. By doing so you agree that you understand and will agree to the following terms and conditions:-

Access devices
You are responsible for ensuring that the device used to access the Remote Access Portal is secure, protected by security patching, firewall, antispyware and antivirus software; that you logoff off the Remote Access Portal after use, and close the browser window.

EPA Remote Access
Please follow this link for EPA Remote Access User's ONLY