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Market Position Statement

Devon County Council is one of very few local authorities to have published a Market Position Statement, which we see as an increasingly important part of our relationship with the social care market.

The Market Position Statement describes our commissioning activity, whether externally purchased or provided in-house, signalling opportunities for market development and signposting forthcoming changes.

Supporting the main document is the Demand Analysis which provides greater detail about demographic trends and commissioning activity.

Having published an Interim Market Position Statement in September 2010, we published our full Market Position Statement in Summer 2011, accompanied by a Demand Analysis. We published an updated Demand Analysis in February 2012 and have now published an updated Market Posotion Statement in September 2012.

Please note that these documents are available online only, we do not produce paper copies.

Market Position Statement 2012 image - PDF icon (4.24MB - pdf help)   Demand Analysis 2012 image - PDF icon (2.73MB - pdf help)

Demand Analysis Changes image - PDF icon (1.35MB - pdf help)

Previous versions:

The summer 2011 Market Position Statement can be found here image - PDF icon (4.29MB - pdf help)

Interim Market Position Statement September 2010 image - PDF icon (66KB - pdf help)