We’re on the road again

Results show that over 16,500 people (including Twitter followers) have participated in some way or another this year. This includes over 6,000 people viewing the web site.

Read the Your Community, Your Choice final report and find out Devon’s community priorities.

We all know how difficult public finances are. Over the past few years we have had to make many tough choices and your feedback has helped to inform key decisions and made sure resources stay concentrated on the things most important to you.

Have your say on next year’s budget priorities.

Looking ahead, its clear that we will not be able to do everything and the things we do may have to be done in a different way.  Only by all working together in a new way will we be able to deliver for local people.

One way for communities to get what they want is to take action themselves. Across the county there are a growing number of examples of communities working in a different way and doing it for themselves. There is an opportunity to do so much more.

We want to help you to get things done. So why not join in the conversation and help us to help you to make a real difference to your community.

You can help now simply by identifying the most important local issues for your own community.

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