About the County Hall Car Park Management System

County Hall Car Park Management System - Frequently Asked Questions

This information is provided to answer your questions about the car park management system. It should be read in conjunction with the Terms of Use, Rules and Guidance Notes.

What is CPMS?

CPMS manages all aspects relating to the use of the staff car park at County Hall, holding all the information that is needed to instruct the barrier system to allow access to the car park or not. A full description of how the CPMS works can be found in the guidance notes

Who needs to register on CPMS?

Any member of staff who wishes to use the staff car park must register on the CPMS and purchase credits before they will be allowed access the to car park, with the exception of staff who are blue badge holders. Blue badge holders do not need to register as they are exempt from both charges and non car days.

I have a temporary exemption from the non car days. Do I still need to register?

Yes. You will still need to register in order to purchase car park credits. Your CPMS account will record your temporarily exempt status and the end date. At the end of the period your status will automatically revert to non exempt unless you have a valid extension notice from wellbeing@work or your occupational health team.

I don’t want to use my credit or debit card to purchase car park credits. Is there another way that I can buy them?

No. Car park credits may only be purchased online using a valid payment card.

Can't my credits be deducted from my salary?

No. Car park credits may only be purchased online using a valid payment card.

I don’t have a credit or debit card. How can I buy credits for the car park?

Staff who do not have a debit or credit card can make payments using one of the many prepaid cards that are now available to purchase from some post offices, any store with a pay point, some banks and building societies and some mobile phone shops. Information about these cards, comparisons of the costs and where and how to purchase them is available on line from sites such as moneysupermarket.com.

I don’t want my credit or debit card details being held by DCC

Your card details are not stored in any part of the system.

I don’t want details of my salary being stored in the CPMS or on my smartcard.

No details of individual staff salaries are ever passed to the CPMS or smartcard system or held in any part of the system.

How can I check how many car park credits I still have in my account?

You may log in to your account at any time to see the status of your car parking account and how many car parking credits you have left. Please remember that the CPMS automatically blocks access to the car park when the last credit is used and that the onus is on members of staff to manage their accounts to avoid this occurrence.

If I have run out of credits can I purchase more when I arrive at work in the morning and then be allowed into the car park?

No. The barrier system will not receive information about your purchase until the following evening so your access will not be unblocked.

I used up my last car park credit and purchased more that same day but my access was still blocked the following morning. Why?

The information relating to your car park use and access status is only relayed between the CPMS and the barrier system on a daily basis at some time outside normal working hours. If your purchase was made close to or after those times the record of your access status that the CPMS returns to the barrier system may not have been changed to reflect your purchase of additional credits and your access will be blocked.

Can I appeal against this?

No. The onus is on staff to make sure that they always have enough car park credits in their account to prevent this from happening. The two reminders and the ability to manage your own account on line provides all staff with ample opportunity to avoid these situations. Please refer to the Rules of Use.

I thought that the CPMS monitored our non car days but I can’t see any mention of non car days.

The CPMS works on the number of days that you are allowed to park. This allowance must be taken over the usage period. There is a detailed illustration of how this works in the guidance notes.

What is meant by ‘usage allowance’

Please see the previous answer and refer to the Guidance Notes.

Can I check how many non car days I’ve already taken in my current usage period?

Yes – your account history and summary show exactly how many days use you have left in your current usage period, and when the next usage period starts.

I came into the car park for the first time in the afternoon and stayed for less than thirty minutes but I still was charged and had a day’s use deducted. Why did this happen and can I get a refund for it?

It sounds as though you came in through the barrier using your card but by the time you left the barrier had been raised and you left without swiping your smartcard at the exit barrier. In this instance the barrier system assumes that you have stayed for a period that qualifies as a day for charging and use. In order to avoid this happening again, all staff are advised to swipe the barrier reader even when the barrier is raised. This is clearly outlined in the guidance notes and the rules which make it clear that the onus is on staff to make sure that they use the system in such a way as to allow it to accurately reflect their use of the car park and charge accordingly. No refunds can be made in this case.

I used my car share partners smartcard to get into the car park today, but went out for a meeting during the day. We have both had a credit and day’s use deducted from our accounts. Why? Can I claim a refund?

The CPMS does not manage details of car sharing arrangements and is not able to recognise that your first entry was using another card. There is no way of avoiding this and you cannot claim a refund. Staff are advised to refer to the guidance notes and rules on the CPMS website and that the onus is entirely on them to arrange their car park use to avoid these situations.

I have just started working fewer hours. How will this affect my car park account?

If you reduced the number of days that you work each week this will change your usage allowance and usage period. Please send an e-mail to the CPMS administrator with details and they will update your account. Unless your salary grade has also changed, your pay band will not be affected.

My new salary changes my car park charge band. What happens to the credits that I still have in my account?

The credits that you have in your account will not be affected, regardless of whether your charge band has gone up or down. However, next time you purchase new credits you will be charged at the new rate.

Can I use the County Hall car park at the weekend?

Yes. When the barriers are raised in the evening or at the weekend you may use the car park and will not be charged for it.

Can we leave our cars in the car park overnight?

Yes you may. But please remember that when you leave the following day you may be charged.

What times do the barriers go down in the morning and up in the afternoon?

The barriers go down in the early hours of the morning and back up again in the afternoon at about 15:30

Will car sharers be paying less?

The rate for car sharers will be the same but of course the charge can be shared so in effect they pay less.

My Use band does not recognise that I car share even though there is a 'Car Shar' use band in the information panel on CPMS. Why?

We recognise that full time staff who car share might benefit from being able to take their car park usage over a longer period - for example, to accomodate holidays or sick days so when the system was being designed provision was made for this. If you would like to be registered as a car sharer and have your use band updated accordingly, please contact the carpark mailbox with details of who you car share with and how often.

If someone comes in for half a day will they lose a whole day's credit?

As is the case in many public car parks the charge is a day rate and length of stay is immaterial

Does one credit equal 7.4 hours?

No. See the previous response.

If someone is in and out several times a day does that count as one credit or several?

If one or more of your stays is over 30 minutes in length you will have one credit deducted from your account, but only one. If all your stays were less than 30 minutes you will not have any credits deducted.

I always walk or cycle to work but if I have to use my car because I have to go to a meeting off site later in the day can I put in an expenses claim for the parking?

The rule is that parking charges may only be reclaimed as a part of a legitimate travel claim. In general, parking at the point of departure or place of work is not counted as a part of a legitimate travel claim.

What happens in very bad weather when public transport can't run?

During the exceptionally severe weather that we have just experienced the car park barriers were opened in appreciation of the effort that staff had made to get to work in very difficult travel conditions.

The decision to raise the barriers in the event of any future exceptionally severe weather events will be taken following advice from DCC's Highways Operational Control Centre (HOCC).

This will acknowledge the efforts staff make in these difficult circumstances  to get into work. We would endeavour to make this decision by 7:30 am

If a homeworker has to come to County Hall for a meeting, would they be a visitor, and would they be able to expense the car park charge?

They will be a visitor, and if they are able to claim for their travel to County Hall the car park cost can be claimed. If the travel is not claimable then neither is the cost of parking.

Can staff pay to park in the visitors' car park on their car free days?

No. The visitors' car park is specifically for the use of visitors to County Hall and staff who use it for more than thirty minutes (the free period allowed for unloading or collecting files and equipment) are likely to receive a fixed penalty notice (see car park rules)

What will happen if members of the public use the Pay and Display Visitors'Car Park to park and then go into town?

The car park is reserved for visitors to County Hall only and members of the public who use it persistently are likely to receive a fixed penalty notice.

How will the visitors' car park be monitored?

By the on street traffic wardens.

My card payment has not been authorised. What should I do.

Make sure that you have entered all your details correctly and retry. If your payment is still not authorised please contact your card issuer to see if there is a problem with your card. If there is no problem with your card please contact us.

I have two DCC assignments, each on a different salary grade.. How will my car park charge band be calculated?

Payroll calculates your car park pay band on the higher of the two salaries.