County Hall

About the County Hall Car Park Management System

County Hall Travel Plan Update

As part of the County Hall Travel Plan, car park charges were introduced from Monday 23 November at County Hall. The charges have been introduced to fund the park and ride bus and the Stagecoach concessionary fare scheme that have been put in place to provide staff with alternative green travel options on their non car days.

Barriers to the staff car park will only open and let you in if you have paid for car parking by pre-purchasing car park credits from the new Car Park Management System (CPMS) using a valid payment card. The visitors' car parkwill operate as a pay and display car park.

If you seek to gain access more than three times in a week (or equivalent) the barriers will not open. The barrier intercom must not be used to try and gain access in these circumstances.

Please read the following guidance notes and the Terms of Use, Rules and FAQs carefully.

If you are a blue badge holder you will be exempt from both charges and car park use rules.

The following information is provided to help staff to understand the new car park management system. It should be read in conjunction with the CPMS Terms of Use, Rules and FAQs.

Car park charge bands

DCC Pay GradeCar Park Charge BandDaily Charge
A-DA50 pence
H and aboveC£2.00

Non DCC staff are charged on an equivalent basis and should consult their management for full details

About CPMS

CPMS manages all aspects relating to the use of the staff car park at County Hall holding all the information that is needed to instruct the barrier system to allow access to the car park or not. CPMS is a stand alone database that has controlled interfaces with a number of other already existing systems; the e-payment gateway; the barrier system and the payroll systems of the organisations based at County Hall.

CPMS receives the correct car park charge band data for each member of staff from the payroll system of each organisation and matches it to the correct smartcard holder by checking against first name, surname, organisation and date of birth.

CPMS receives data from the payment gateway relating to credits purchased

CPMS receives information from the barrier system, logs the daily use of each member of staff, applies the current car park usage rules and deducts the relevant car park credit from staff accounts and usage allowance.

CPMS uses this information to determine the access status for each member of staff and sends this information to the barrier system at some time after normal working hours. This time may vary each day, depending on the level of other activity on the DCC network.

The barrier system will automatically block or unblock the access of each member of staff according to this information received from CPMS.


Before you can purchase car park credits you must first register on the CPMS site.

When you enter your card holder ID the system will check with the smartcard database and automatically enter your name and the organisation that you work for. Please check that your organisation is shown correctly and change it if not. This is important. You will not be able to purchase credits if this information is wrong.

You will also be asked to provide your date of birth. Again, this is very important as it is the only means that the system has to distinguish between members of staff who have the same name and ensure that any car park credits that are purchased are credited to the correct account.

All e-mails from the site will be sent to the e-mail address that you register with. You may register using either your work e-mail or your personal e-mail address.

Car park pay band update

Each organisation that is located on the County Hall campus has provided the CPMS with a data file that contains the name, payroll ID, date of birth and the car park pay band for each member of staff.  Each night during the pre-implementation registration period this information will be matched against the CPMS and the car park pay band fields will be populated with the correct pay band for each newly registered member of staff. The payroll ID identifies the organisation and matches against the organisation recorded on first registration. This is the final security check that makes sure that all credits purchased are allocated to the correct account.

Note: no details of individual staff salaries are ever passed to the system or held in the system.

Purchase credits

Once your account has been updated with your correct car park pay band you may proceed to purchase car park credits through the secure online payment portal.

Car park credits may only be purchased online using a valid payment card. Staff who do not have a debit or credit card can make payments using one of the many prepaid cards that are now available to purchase from some post offices, any store with a pay point, some banks and building societies and some mobile phone shops. Information about these cards, comparisons of the costs and where and how to purchase them is available on line from sites such as

Managing your account

You may log in to your account at any time to see the status of your car parking account and how many car parking credits you have left. The CPMS will send two automatic e-mail reminders when you have five and then two credits left in your account. These reminders will be sent to the e-mail address that you have used when you registered your account. The CPMS automatically blocks access to the car park when the last credit is used.

Important - please note

If you have used your last credit you are advised that you should allow at least one whole working day between the purchase of new credits and the reactivation of your car park access. Although any car park credits that you purchase will be added to your account in real time, the information relating to your car park use is only relayed from the car park barrier system to the CPMS on a daily basis at some time after normal working hours. Access will remain blocked for all staff who do not purchase new credits in time.

Non car days

As part of the County Hall Travel Plan all staff must take two non car days days in each five day working period. In order to manage the ‘non car day’ rule the CPMS allocates each member of staff a car park usage allowance and a usage period as follows:

Days  worked per weekUse bandUsage periodUsage allowance
5  Use band 11 week3 days
4 Use band 55 weeks12 days
3Use band 45 weeks9 days
2Use band 35 weeks6 days
1 Use band 25 weeks3 days
Registered car sharersUse band 65 weeks15 days

Once the usage allowance has been reached the CPMS will automatically block further access to the car park and the barrier will not open until the start of the next usage period. The barrier intercom must not be used to try to gain access in these circumstances.

Use of the car park

If the barrier records show that a member of staff has stayed in the car park for less than 60 minutes they will not be charged for this stay nor have a day deducted from their current car park usage. However, the CPMS will assume that staff who only use their smartcard once in any day, either to enter or leave the car park have stayed for a whole day and will deduct a credit and a day from their usage allowance. If your stay was for less than 60 minutes you are advised that you should swipe your smartcard at the barrier reader even if the barrier is up to avoid having credits deducted.

Staff who enter the car park more than once in a day will only be charged once and will only have one day’s usage deducted from their allowance.