Land Charges

Local Land Charges searches

As the Highway Authority, the County Council provides highway information to the District Council for completion of the Local Land Charges search certificate. The information primarily provided is in connection with highways maintainable at public expense, road improvement schemes and new road schemes. The searches are completed and returned to the appropriate District Council for collation within 3 working days. The County Council charges the District Council a fee for providing this information.

The Council's Definitive Rights of Way Map is also held within the Land Charges section together with any amendments made to that Map by way of a confirmed Order.

A written reply to a highways enquiry is £31.25, then £20.00 for each additional question. If you would like a quote for your enquiry please email your enquiry to

Our photocopying fee is £1.25 plus VAT per sheet for the first 30 sheets, and £00.25 per sheet thereafter.

Tel: Highways enquiries - 01392 382295
Tel: Common Land and Village Green enquiries - 01392 382937

Information for Personal Search Companies

Most Con29R information can be obtained from the relevant district council in the form of a tailored report, but some information is available direct from Devon County Council. In line with The Local Authorities (England) (Charges for Property Searches) Regulations 2008 the following Property Search Guide image - PDF icon (42KB - pdf help) lists the information that is obtainable from Devon County Council and where appropriate the fee for that information. As required under Section 9 of the regulations we have set out a statement of the estimates the Council has made in respect of the unit charge for the financial year 2009/10.

You can send us this form image - PDF icon (4KB - pdf help) with a cheque made payable to Devon County Council and we will endeavour to return your reply within 3 working days.

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