Policies, Planning and Reports

Our Commitment to You

We aim to provide

  • A network of libraries which are accessible, well equipped and open at convenient times
  • A range of high quality stock and services to support literacy and learning, provide access to information and e-government, and give the opportunity for enjoyment and inspiration
  • 24 hour online access to information and e-government services as well as library reservations and renewals
  • Excellent customer service delivered by well motivated, skilled and knowledgeable staff
  • Consultation, evaluation, and promotion, with an aim improve and develop in order to meet the diverse needs of individuals and the community
  • Access to Devon’s rich culture and heritage in order to foster a sense of place and community identity

You can expect us to

  • Provide, free of charge, books for loan and to read on site in every library
  • Depending on the size of the library, also provide magazines and newspapers to read in the library, and DVDs, audiobooks, music CDs, and sets of printed music and plays for hire
  • Publicise our opening hours at every library and on our website, and provide timetables for mobile libraries, giving at least 3 weeks’ warning of any planned closures
  • Display in each library details of the services it provides and charges for library services, and make information about the full range of library services available via the Devon County Council website or in printed format on request
  • Make our facilities and services as accessible as possible for people with physical, sensory or learning impairments, or offer an alternative service, and train our staff in disability awareness
  • Provide one or more computers with Internet access and Microsoft Office applications in all static libraries, for up to 2 hours per day free, or longer for a fee
  • Maintain and develop a regularly updated website which includes the library catalogue and information about library services, charges, and events in libraries, as well as offering a range of online services, and local history images and information
  • Provide an information service. Where possible, answer enquiries made in person or by phone immediately, and those made by post or email or via our online enquiry service within 3 working days, though more complex enquiries may take longer
  • Provide a wide range of reference material about Devon and the surrounding area and offer printed and online guidance on using our local history resources
  • Satisfy 70% of reservations within 7 days, 80% within 15 days, and 90% within 30 days, and give access through Interlibrary Loan schemes to books, musical scores, or periodicals held in other libraries across the country
  • Promote reading and literacy for babies, children and adults through reading groups and a range of activities, events, and local and national schemes
  • Make our current policies and plans available in our libraries and on our website, and publish an annual review summarising service developments, performance trends, and plans for the future
  • Display contact details for library managers in every library and on our website, and ensure that our staff can be individually identified via their badges

We welcome your feedback

There are "Tell us what you think" forms in every library, or you can send us your comments online at www.devon.gov.uk/feedback

We will acknowledge compliments and suggestions within 10 working days of receipt and will acknowledge complaints within 3 working days and respond fully within 10 working days. We will monitor your feedback to identify desired improvements to our service, which we will implement if we can, or explain why if we cannot.

We will carry out surveys to find out what you think about our services and what changes you would like. We will publish the results, and improve our services correspondingly where possible.

In return, we ask you to

  • Show courtesy and respect towards other library users and staff
  • Take care of library materials and equipment

Head of Devon Libraries is Ciara Eastell

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