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Library Catalogue

Search using Keywords

By entering keywords you can search in more general terms.

Separate each word by a space and then click the Search button or hit your Enter key.

If you wish to limit your search to a particular type of stock such as DVDs, use Advanced Search

KEYWORD SEARCH is a powerful and effective way of finding the information you want from the catalogue.

You can use it to look for a particular subject, for example acid rain or Stonehenge.

The maximum number of keywords is four. Remember that if you only type in one word (especially if it is a common one) you will get a long and not very helpful list of matches. On the other hand, too many keywords may narrow your search too much. Don't be afraid to experiment!

You can use it to look for a particular item. For example, to find a book on India written by Dervla Murphy, type in India Murphy.

The keyword search will work on any combination of words from author, title, series or subject - in any order.

Try to make your choice of words as specific as possible. For instance, steam trains will give you a more precise list than railways.