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Book Blogs by Young People

Book Blogs Written By Young People

Stuck for something to read and need some inspiration?
Want to see what other people are reading and saying?
Check out these sites run by young British bloggers.

Magic Bean Review  http://magicbeanreview.wordpress.com/
Blog by Jean who is 15 with a love of Japan and all things Japanese, including books.

Dusty Books in the Corner http://dustbooks.webs.com/
Georgia only reviews teen and young adult books – no adults or children’s.

The Sweet Bonjour  http://the-sweet-bonjour.blogspot.com/
Sasha , who is also a member of the Spinebreakers team writes this fab blog too.

The Beaucoup Review  http://www.thebeaucoupreview.blogspot.com/
A site created by 12 year old Rita who loves comedy, romance and books about vampires.

Love ReadingX  http://lovereadingx.blogspot.com/
Self confessed BIG nerd booklover Iffath’s wonderful and fabulous book review site.

J’adore  http://jadorebook.blogspot.com/
Author interviews and book reviews for the teenage reader.