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Books by the authors listed below can all be found in Devon Libraries. If a particular title is not available at your local library it can be reserved by visiting a library or through the catalogue.

These lists are not comprehensive so please search the catalogue to find out what other titles we have in stock.

If you would like to recommend titles or authors to us, please use the suggestions for stock form. We can’t promise to buy all suggested titles but will give them consideration.

Devon Libraries - Lesbian Fiction including the following authors:

Alderman, Naomi        

Anshaw, Carol

Baldwin, Claire

Boulter, Amanda

Brown, Rita Mae

Birchill, Julie

Cross, Helen

Darling, Julie

Donoghue, Emma        

Duffy, Stella

Duncker, Patricia

Forrest, Katherine

Hayes, Penny

Jeane Harris

Hart, Ellen

Hill, Kerri

Kallmaker, Karin

Kay, Jackie

Lee, V.G.

McNab, Claire

Mendelson, Charlotte        

Newman, Leslea

Nolan, Monica


Rule, Jane

Shacklady, Helen

Sims, Elizabeth

Strachey, Dorothy

Taverner, Jay

Tondeur, Louise

Waters, Sarah

Winterson, Jeanette

Devon Libraries Gay Fiction including the following authors:

Adair, Gilbert

Arnott, Jake

Clarke, Julia

Cunningham, Michael          

Jose Luis De Juan

Eugenides, Michael

Frank, Marcus

Gale, Patrick

Genet, Jean

Grimsley, Jim

Hansen, Joseph

Hayden, Robert

Heim, Scott

Hollinghurst, Alan

Leavitt, David

Leroy, J.T.

Maupin, Armistead

Monette, Paul

O’Neill, Jamie

Proulx, Annie

Quinn, Jay

Selvadurai, Shyam

Taber, Roger

Ure, Jean

White, Edmund

Zubro, Mark Richard

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