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Internal Audit

Internal audit for the Council is provided by
Devon Audit Partnership.Devon Audit Partnership

Internal Audit covers the full range of services of all directorates and units and the Council's trading organisations. Internal Audit is very keen to provide a supportive service assisting managers in the effective delivery of services. Staff are always happy to give advice on such matters as financial controls, systems and security, and welcome enquiries.

Internal Audit’s principal objectives are to assist the County Treasurer, in meeting her statutory responsibilities as the Council's "responsible finance officer", and to provide assurance on the adequacy of internal control arrangements to senior management.

It is also responsible for investigating instances or allegations of financial irregularity, liaising as appropriate with the Council’s Solicitor, the Head of Human Resources and, if necessary, the Police. If you become aware of any issue which could result in theft or fraud or financial irregularity, you should report this immediately Devon Audit Partnership through the contacts below.

Internal Audit works closely with the Council's external auditors helping them in forming their annual audit opinion on the Council's accounts and assurance on grant claims on their behalf.

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Whistleblowing hotline tel:   01392382438

For further support and or to contact the Internal Auditor:

Devon Audit PartnershipDevon Audit Partnership
Tel: 01392 382438
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