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Road Safety

Road Safety Strategies

Local Transport Plan

LOCAL: Devon and Torbay Local Transport Plan

The 2011 to 2026 third Local Transport Plan is a joint Plan for Devon and Torbay, reflecting an integrated and cross boundary approach to transport. Working closely together the two local authorities have set out a long term strategy for economic growth and reducing carbon emissions. It provides a sustainable framework for transport and access to the jobs, goods and services people need such as schools, health centres and shops. Planning ahead is a major focus for the plan, particularly in terms of the infrastructure to support future growth. The close integration with the emerging Local Development Frameworks has been a core part of the plan.


NATIONAL: DfT Strategic Framework

The Strategic Framework for Road Safety sets out the Department for Transport's approach to continuing to reduce killed and seriously injured casualties on Britain's roads. Their focus is on increasing the range of educational options for the drivers who make genuine mistakes and can be helped to improve while improving enforcement against the most dangerous and deliberate offenders. Additionally, at the local level, the Daprtment for Transport will be increasing the road safety information that is available to local citizens.