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A380 South Devon Link Road (Kingskerswell Bypass)

The Proposed Scheme

The Scheme comprises a 5km dual carriageway road between Penn Inn and the Torbay Ring Road at Kerswell Gardens.  The Scheme would comprise two 7.3m wide carriageways, with a central reserve and verges. A two level junction would be provided at Penn Inn to carry the new carriageway over the Penn Inn roundabout to the improved dual carriageway section of the A380 lying between Addison Road and the Sainsbury's superstore.

A second two level junction would be provided at Aller and a traffic signal junction provided at the Torbay Ring Road. An 800m length of the Torbay Ring Road would be upgraded to a dual carriageway to Kerswell Gardens.

Between the Southern end of Addison Road and Aller Brake Road a segregated cycle/pedestrian route would be provided along the eastern side of the Scheme, separated from the main carriageway. This, together with Addison Road, would provide a continuous link for cyclists and pedestrians from the existing subways and carriageway at Penn Inn roundabout to the old A380 running through Kingskerswell.

Although the junction at the western end of Aller Brake Road with the existing A380 would be closed, a junction would be created with a new access road linking Aller Brake Road to the old A380 at the Aller Lay-by.  At this junction a left turn would be permitted for vehicles wanting access to Kingskerswell.  Opening the eastern end of Aller Brake Road and creating a new junction with St Marychurch Road would provide an additional access into Aller Park Estate.  This junction would exclude right turns from Aller Park Estate and left turns from St Marychurch Road.

Eight major bridge structures are proposed along the Scheme together with extensive use of retaining walls to both sides of the carriageway to limit land acquisition close to property and adjacent to the railway.

Penn Inn roundabout would continue to be lit.  No lighting on the dual carriageway is proposed except in the vicinity of junctions and between Penn Inn and Aller.

Signs on the approaches to junctions would be lit where appropriate. Two footpaths would be severed by the Scheme, Footpath 45 at Penn Inn through Sainsbury's and Footpath 36/362, 200m north of Kerswell Gardens. Diversions would be provided to ensure continuity of these Public Rights of Way.  

The current estimated cost of the scheme is £129.9 million.